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Epstein, Victim Virginia Roberts Guiffre, Does Ghizlane Maxwell In: ‘She Was Pulling The Stings’ She’s A ‘Monster’

Opinion| Lawrence David| According to victim/accuser Virginia Roberts Guiffre, Ghislaine Maxwell was far worse than Jeffrey Epstein when it came to abusing young women and girls.

(NY Post) “She was pulling the strings,” Virginia Roberts Giuffre told “CBS This Morning” of Maxwell on Thursday, calling Maxwell the mastermind, and a “monster.”

“Ghislaine was much more conniving and smart than Epstein ever was,” Giuffre said.

“I know that woman. I’ve known her really well. Put it this way — Epstein was Pinocchio, and she was Gepetto.”

Giuffre had still more choice words for Maxwell.

“She is a monster. She’s worse than Epstein. She did things even worse than Epstein did. She was vicious. She was evil. And she’s a woman.”

As things now stand, Maxwell has been accused of procuring young women for, and participating in sex crimes against them with, Epstein.

If Roberts-Guiffre is right then it’s highly likely that Maxwell really does hold incredibly compromising evidence against a number of high-profile and powerful icons of business and politics to use as leverage as her lawyers bargain for her freedom.

This is not the first time we’ve heard that Maxwell was in possession of such materials…

Christina Oxenberg is a friend of Maxwell.  She recounted an admission Maxwell made to her:

“We were alone. She said many things. All creepy. Unorthodox. Strange. I could not believe whatever she was saying was real. Stuff like: ‘Jeffrey and I have everyone on videotape.’”…

A report in the Daily Mail would appear to corroborate the possibility Maxwell’s admission was logistically possible:

“A former contractor says security cameras were secretly fitted in every room at Zorro Ranch and recorded the behavior of the rich and famous, which explains why he and his ‘fixer’ Ghislaine Maxwell apparently felt ‘untouchable’”. 

If the charges stick, Maxwell is facing more than three decades in prison.  For the 58-year-old Maxwell this should provide more than enough incentive to turn state’s evidence.

This should bring renewed attention to Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, and former Clinton Energy Secretary and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson whose involvement with Epstein and Maxwell has been reported by ABC News.

Holding compromise over so many international power players made Epstein and Maxwell powerbrokers in their own right…

Who thinks that way?  Well, for starters, Clinton followers who swallowed the PeeGate narrative hook, line, and sinker.

What type of deals would Epstein and Maxwell have been capable of driving, and what would be the worth to American politicians and/or foreign governments?

If Russia intercepted the compromising files, or simply outbid others for it, would it have been salacious enough to convince U.S. politicians to say… give our secret missile technology to Russia (Skolkovo) … Or to sell uranium to a country Democrats insist is our enemy (Uranium One)?

If China, with their massive hacking campaign, intercepted the compromise would that have been sufficient to move our manufacturing base to the communist state and to allow them to penetrate our most sensitive national security files?

If that information was shared with their ally, Iran, would that have been enough to incentive pushing through the Iran Nuclear Deal?

What was the value to powerful and influential captains of industry… billionaires… to own the carbon tax market?  The Paris Climate Accord?  TPP?  TTP?  The list is almost as endless as the number of unexplainable legislative initiatives that have defined Congress’ eight percent approval rating.

If U.S. Attorney General William Barr is serious about draining the swamp trading Maxwell’s jail time to bring down a portion of the corrupt cartel running our government would be a good place to start.

As heinous as Maxwell’s crimes are, and there’s no way to overstate that, exposing the corrupt mechanisms of government is much more significant to the future of our country.

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