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California Politics

Enough Signatures Picked Up For Recall Election On California’s Governor Gavin Newsom

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

The Overton Window on progressive Democrat tyrants pushing more and more of our freedoms over the cliff is closing fast. In other words, unless the American people act very soon to put a stop to it, we will reach the point where we will no longer be able to stop it. We will in effect become another Soviet Union.

One such pushback is a recall effort against California Governor Gavin Newsom, which has now gained enough signatures to get it on the ballot, said the office of California’s Secretary of State on Monday.

In order to get on the ballot, the effort needed to verify 1.5 million signatures and now that it has the achievement will trigger a special election.

This is what happens when you show little to no regard for the welfare of the people you were elected to serve. Newsom brought this on himself. He got caught yucking it up at an expensive French restaurant with his rich friends, and no one was social-distancing or wearing masks. When their guard was down, they went back to behaving as if the whole COVID mitigation measures forced on Californians were a bunch of nonsense. And that’s because most of it was.

Newsom had the audacity to go to social media and post a video where he claimed that the recall effort was backed and supported by white supremacists and QAnon extremists, the Democratic Party’s new boogeyman that’s supposed to strike fear and build solidarity and that it was funded by the Republican Party.

“This Republican recall threatens our values and seeks to undo the important progress we’ve made — from fighting COVID, to helping struggling families, protecting our environment, and passing commonsense gun violence solutions. There’s too much at stake.”

Fortunately, the people of California aren’t buying it. He shouldn’t have gone to that French restaurant while he was virtue signaling the great unwashed to stay at home and avoid public gatherings, including visiting with family over holidays so that they don’t spread the virus. And we all remember his pathetic attempt at a mean culpa that nobody bought. By showing the people what a true hypocrite looks like, he sealed his fate and no amount of spin will help him.

That was such a boneheaded move that one estimate says that the petition for recall went from 55,000 signatures to over 500,000 in just a month’s time and all thanks to the optics of Newsom celebrating at the French restaurant violating his own lockdown rules.

This recall is important enough that the Democratic Party is going to go to any length to help Newsom defeat the recall election. Over their dead bodies will they allow the country to see that a revolt of the masses could beat down the tyrant inside every Democrat politician. Expect special voting machines to be utilized to defeat the recall.

Newsom’s apology made things worse.


Those of you who are old enough to remember, while watching that, didn’t you get a Deja Vu feeling of Bill Clinton giving a speech when you knew he was lying his rear end off?

CNN’s Very Jake Tapper chided Newsom back in March.

“Now I know governor, you have apologized for that dinner, you have called it a mistake to go,” Tapper said to Newsom. “But I was wondering at the time, and I don’t think you’ve answered: What on Earth were you thinking?”

Newsom seemed agitated by the question, probably believing beforehand that Tapper was going to take a Democrat’s side as usual, and rather than act contrite and ask for forgiveness, the governor blamed a judge for extending the signature deadline. What a weasel.

Petition signers have 30 days to withdraw their signatures. Someone had better keep an eye on that because after what happened during the 2020 election, I don’t trust the Democrats from tampering with the system. If Newsom survives the recall election in the Fall, he can run for re-election in 2022.

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