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Elon Musk Trolls Bernie Sanders In Response To One of Bernie’s Classic Marxist Tweets Accusing Him of Being Greedy and Immoral

"Bernie Sanders 2016" by photogism is licensed under CC BY 2.0 "Elon Musk" by dmoberhaus is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s no secret that democratic socialist progressive Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is not a big fan of America’s top wage earners. Like his communist counterparts, Sanders has bemoaned the fact capitalism has made it possible for American citizens to generate great wealth.

The irony of Marxists who say that the top 1% of wage earners don’t pay their fair share even though according to IRS numbers the top wage earners pay far more than their fair share, but with that aside, the fact is these ignoramuses don’t realize that that top 1% support their very lifestyle.

For example, whenever a little Marxist useful idiot post a tweet online about how evil capitalism is and that the 1% are the bad guys they don’t seem to realize that the very device that they are using to post, be it a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer, was provided for them at an affordable price by one of the top 1% wage earners. The Marxist useful idiot didn’t come up with the idea to create that iPhone or that Android mobile device or the Fire tablet. One of the top one-percenters used their own money (capital) and an idea to come together with other like-minded people to create a product that most Americans would never be able to build themselves or even afford to build themselves. And here’s the best part of all. Even though said Marxist useful idiots do not have a dime’s worth of stock in the company, they still get the benefits of the 1%’s ideas and efforts by buying a product that is made far more affordable than what they would have had to pay if they built it themselves. From the mobile devices they use to complain to the cars they drive and the gasoline that they put into it, from the clothes that they wear and the food they eat, the 1% are the ones who created all of that for their usage and these people are too damn stupid to realize it.

Forget the fact that Sanders used to complain about “the millionaires” until he himself became one, and then he changed up his talking points to attack “the billionaires” instead.

Well, over the weekend Sanders got into it with the CEO of SpaceX and the Tesla auto manufacturing company Elon Musk. Apparently, the old Marxist hates that there are billionaires like Musk that exist. The likes of Elon Musk and even that of leftists Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos have earned their money by making things that people want to give them money for, a concept that Sanders never understood. Maybe it’s because he never got a paycheck until he turned 40 and has worked in government his entire life.

Sanders believes guys like Musk and Bezos earning their wealth are immoral. The 79-year-old curmudgeon bellyacher took to social media to post one of the most ignorant statements he’s ever made, and that’s saying something.

“We are in a moment in American history where two guys — Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos — own more wealth than the bottom 40% of people in this country. That level of greed and inequality is not only immoral. It is unsustainable.”

Bezos’ has joined the progressive Woke Supremacy in that he is now banning books that the Supremacy dislikes, so it must be bewildering to him to find the Grand Wizard of the Supremacy attacking him.

The senator used the word “greed” to explain his target’s wealth. How on Lucifer’s black beach does greed play in here? Again, they create things that people want and desire and they get paid for it. They hire employees who feed their families by the salaries they get paid.

Sanders has a real problem with Amazon, as this isn’t the first time he’s attacked the company. His little Marxist protégé AOC cost the city of New York about 25,000 jobs when she meddled in a negotiation with the company to open up a headquarters in the Big Apple.  The senator from Vermont attacked the company for not paying their lowest level employees $15 an hour.

Sanders attacked Bezos and Musk publicly the day after he and a handful of other nitwits in Congress introduced the “Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act,” that says on Sanders’ website will raise “taxes on companies that pay their top executives at least 50 times more than the pay of a median worker.”

The Democrats tried to attack CEO salaries in the past and it didn’t work then either. It just causes so much harm to companies and their innocent workers. We should all just wish Bernie quietly goes away soon. And by “goes away” I’m not suggesting any kind of violence in the manner Bernie’s supporters seem to engage in at Congressional baseball practices. In the past, Democrats complained that CEOs were paid too much, so corporations then lowered their salaries but then beefed up benefits like corporate bonuses for CEOs if they met certain benchmarks for the company.

First of all, it’s none of anyone else’s business how much a corporation is willing to pay a CEO, certainly none of Bernie Sanders’ business. If a business is in competition for great CEOs, then they have to make an attractive offer to bring someone of that caliber to the company. What business is it of the government to meddle in how much companies pay their CEOs? The correct answer is none.

CleanTechnica, a site that writes about Musk often, wrote a piece according to the New York Post, Zachary Shahan responded to Sanders’ tweet, calling the remarks “ridiculous” and “idiotic.”

Musk says he’s hoarding his money for a good cause, but evidently, it’s not good enough for Bernie. Sanders acted as if he popped a blood vessel in his eye when he went off on Musk, who said he’s saving up his giant wealth to support life on other planets. Think about the number of new people that Sanders could virtue-signal to, about how the richest people on Mars are immoral.

Shahan, who said he agrees with Sanders’ overall call to address wealth inequality, took the senator to task for attacking Musk as though the Tesla chief is some sort of cash-hoarding monster:

“Elon Musk’s wealth is not in gold or cash. It is not in houses or yachts. His enormous wealth comes from the fact that companies he founded have gotten so large and successful, and the related fact that he he doesn’t sell his stock in those companies. He’s so wealthy because so many investors have poured so much money into the expectation that his companies will do better and better as the years go on. Elon is not hoarding cash. He doesn’t have cash to hoard. He has said that he takes out loans based on his net worth when he needs to buy things, rather than selling stock. He isn’t being greedy and just accumulating more and more cash.”

Musk saw the CleanTechnica story and took to social media to respond to Sanders’ attacks.

“I am accumulating resources to help make life multiplanetary & extend the light of consciousness to the stars”

Sanders couldn’t help himself. He responded by accusing Musk of doing something wrong.

“Space travel is an exciting idea, but right now we need to focus on Earth and create a progressive tax system so that children don’t go hungry, people are not homeless and all Americans have healthcare. The level of inequality in America is obscene and a threat to our democracy.”

Senator Bernie Sanders is blaming Elon Musk for children going hungry, homeless people, and Americans not having healthcare. There is a reason why Donald Trump referred to him as Crazy Bernie.

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