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Elon Musk Makes Offer To Buy 100% of Twitter and They Would Be Stupid To Not Take Him Up On It

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently made mean and cruel woke Twitter leftists cry in their sleep by purchasing 9.2 percent of the company’s stock, has made an offer to buy the anti-free speech censoring tech tyrant company in a deal worth over $43 billion and he wants to take the social media company private. That way, he can control the company to perform in the manner he sees fit.

Normally, when you hear the word “control” you think of bad people, like Democrats and leftists, trying to manipulate you to do what they want you to do. In this case, however, that’s what Musk is trying to reverse as Twitter is a social media platform that allegedly does the bidding of the woke supremacy and all that makes it up, including the Democratic Party.

Twitter has clearly done the bidding of the Democrats by employing censorship of information that the Democratic Party does not want the American people to know about. The government is not allowed to censor free speech because our Founding Fathers had the wisdom to know that censorship of free speech is a weapon that can destroy a society. It’s why they used their wisdom to guarantee each American citizen’s right to free speech in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. That wisdom has been lost on woke business executives who are willing to enjoy secretive quid pro quo arrangements with governments to attack the free speech of anyone who dares say something that the Democratic Party leadership doesn’t want them to say. Anyone can censor free speech, but the government is not allowed to do it. That’s why they get platforms like Twitter to do it for them.

According to an SEC filing, Musk’s offer was to purchase 100 percent of Twitter for $54.20 per share. He warned that if the offer is not accepted, he will have to rethink his position as a shareholder.

Musk turned down an offer to join Twitter’s board of directors after his 9.2 percent stock purchase and criticized the platform in tweets. If he had become a board member, it would have silenced his criticisms of the company because he would then have a responsibility to the company to not make its stock drop due to things he might say publicly. In essence, Twitter tried to censor Musk’s speech in the offer for a board seat and he didn’t fall for it.

Musk wrote in his filing he wants to “transform” the social media platform as a private company.

“I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy,” Musk wrote. “However, since making my investment, I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form.”

He’s right. You cannot thrive in business when you are in cahoots with governments to rob innocent users of the service of their very basic God-given rights, and that’s what Twitter has done by teaming up with the Democrats to do their evil bidding to help them stay in power. I’ll say “allegedly” to shut down the lawyers, but we all know that’s what’s been going on. It’s why leftists and Democrats are going ape right about now. Their political power weapon may be neutralized.

Here’s the skinny. If they turn down his offer, Musk has said he will rethink his position as a shareholder. That means he pulls his shares, puts the money into Tesla. Tesla goes up and Twitter crashes.

But wait, but wait! A Saudi prince has already made a higher offer to counter Elon’s offer. Elon said his offer was his final offer. He could either break that statement and up his bid, but I don’t think he has another $30 billion in liquidity. Who knows, it’s Elon Musk, so maybe he does.

But if he doesn’t, and Twitter turns down Musk’s offer, then they have a fiduciary obligation to take the Saudi guy’s offer. Then, Musk will pull his shares, Tesla stock goes up, Twitter stock crashes, and the Saudi guy loses a fortune.

To me, Twitter has to take Elon’s offer or be faced with thousands of lawsuits by shareholders.

Musk said his takeover attempt is “not a threat, it’s simply not a good investment without the changes that need to be made.”

The company would be stupid not to take his offer. Right now, Democrats in DC and the woke supremacists of Twitter are afraid they’re going to lose their political weapon “to be mean and cruel, armored on false virtue.”

Godspeed, Elon.

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