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Elijah Schaffer, Independent Journalist, Talks to Tucker about Near Death Experience in Philly Riot

Elijah Schaffer is an independent journalist and contributor to The Blaze who covers riots and domestic uprisings, and he was on the Tucker Carlson show, Thursday to talk about his recent experience in Philadelphia, where he felt he was near to the threat of death.

Carlson opened the segment of the show with Schaffer showing a mob in a store, with a group of people charging at another man, who we now know is schaffe, while he puts his hands up in a defensive manner. There is yelling, and is looks as if numerous people are pushing Schaffer out the door.

Schaffer says he was at a Five Below shop, in Philadelphia on Tuesday. In Schaffer’s opinion, he said “The Police were told to stand down, lost control of 5 city blocks and they had a first, a second and a third round of looting across 4-5shopping centers, strip malls and Walmart supercenter, that is massive, and there was no security. People went into store after store and they couldn’t keep up, ” Schaffer said.

“According to a police a looter pulled a gun out on me, they came at me with a fire arm, they came at me with a mob, they attacked me and punched me in the face, and they were targeting White Journalists, there were other journalists there, who were people of color and the mob was leaving them alone. There is a racial divide in this country, and it is not safe to be a reporter in America telling the truth, so the racial tensions have made things very difficult. The man had a gun and I will say that I was lucky enough to escape, and I owe it to God and I praise Jesus for saving my life in that moment because right outside a few hundred yards away, or so, multiple of guns were fired, so they had guns and they were using guns, lucky for me all I recieved were about a dozen blows to the head and the body,” he said.

“Someone from the New York Times said that White people were over pushing the violence, and I am taking blows for America, while New York Times make fun of us. Journalism is dead,” he said to Carlson.

Schaeffer’s report on the night:

Video with Glenn Beck about the beating.

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