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“ELECTIONS NO REVOLUTION YES” Graffitied Onto GOP Congressional Candidate’s Garage In The Dead Of Night

A Republican congressional candidate in Pennsylvania awoke on Sunday morning to find red graffiti on his garage door, reading “ELECTIONS NO REVOLUTION YES” accompanied by the Communist hammer and sickle symbol.

“My house was vandalized last night by cowards under the cover of darkness,” wrote Sean Parnell on Twitter.

Parnell is running in Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district against incumbent Democrat Conor Lamb.

Communist ideologies have been far more prevalent in national debates during this year’s election than in years past. Nationwide protests in response to the killing of George Floyd have been open in demanding policies and principles that are far more reminiscent of Marxism, and even Joe Biden’s running mate tweeted a video advocating for the “equality of outcomes” over the weekend.

Parnell was not the only one targeted by the Communist vandal. Representative Mike Doyle, the Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania’s 18th district, discovered the same message spray-painted on his office windows.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans wholeheartedly support free and fair elections,” said Doyle in a statement to the press addressing the graffiti, “which are the foundation of our democratic government. Vandalism by a few self-described revolutionaries will never change that.”

Parnell called the vandalism “absolutely wrong in every sense of the word” and “unacceptable whether it happens to a Republican or a Democrat.” Parnell released an official statement of his own:

“This morning I woke up to find my garage door and driveway spray painted with communist messages and symbols. This is not the way.

Regardless of political party, those that choose to run for office do so because they believe they can help the country. It is perfectly reasonable to disagree with each other and with political candidates, but the way to do that is at the voting booth.

I believe that we are at an important point in our great nation’s history and I most assuredly stand against socialism, violence, and destruction. Hopefully, we can all respect our system of choosing our representatives in a peaceful and dignified way and no matter who we support and oppose, we do it with our vote and not through destruction of property and violence to our fellow Americans.” 

Police have launched investigations into both incidents.

These events are not isolated to the 17th and 18th congressional districts of Pennsylvania.

Days prior to Halloween, the Austin Central Public Library of Austin, Texas was vandalized in red paint with similar an eerily similar message:

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