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Election Results in Georgia Are Very Telling of Where the State Stands

VERY telling…

For numerous states, Tuesday night was another election night. The elections in Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Georgia were all crucial.

Alabama is one of the most Republican states in the country, and Kay Ivey easily won her primary. But it’s the races in Georgia and Arkansas that are truly significant.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House Press Secretary, won the Republican primary in Arkansas. This is big, and the fact that she won the contest with a staggering 83 percent of the vote against her opponent Doc Washburn is even more striking.

But now let’s shift to the Georgia election because it’s very telling. When it comes to the gubernatorial race on the GOP side, it was between David Perdue and Brian Kemp.

President Trump was supporting David Perdue and we all know that this normally goes a long way for candidates, but what was really telling is who was backing Brian Kemp.

We all know that Brian Kemp was at the center of mess in Georgia when the election problems happened, not once, but twice. Well, it should come as no surprise to learn that Brian Kemp had the support of former Vice President Mike Pence behind him. As it turns out, Brian Kemp won the election with 74% of the GOP vote compared to David Perdue who only accumulated 22%.

So, here’s a question that I have, was Mike Pence a factor in this race? There has been some talk as to whether or not Mike Pence would run for President in 2024, is that who people want? Pence is going to be that middle ground Republican that Congress loves and Trump is going to be the same President Trump that he was and is today; he’s a man who gets things done…that is, as long as the left isn’t fighting him tooth and nail.

Along with the gubernatorial race was the race for Secretary of State in Georgia. Remember that Brad Raffensperger is filling that role currently, and wouldn’t you know it, he won, too, bringing in approximately 52% of the vote.

However, there was some good news in Georgia in that Herschel Walker won his election with 68% of the vote. This is good news for America.

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