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Election Data Team to Call 1.25 Million Voters Over Anomalies in 6 Contested States

Matt Braynard, former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign will be heading a program in which they intend to call 1.25 Million alleged voters. They want to find out why some of them voted illegally if they moved out of state, or if someone voted in their name. Braynard and his wife were supposed to be on vacation right now but it was put off.

Braynard has put together a team that will be calling voters whose vote appears to be questionable. They will not be calling people randomly. The calls will be made in cases such as when they had submitted paperwork that they moved out of state and are not eligible to vote. Either they committed voter fraud or someone committed fraud in their name.

In Georgia, the team found 17,877 early or absentee voters who had filed out-of-state move notices. That is more than Biden leads Trump by in that state. If it can be proven that there are more fake votes than the margin of difference between the candidates, the courts will be forced to listen.

In Georgia, they are doing a hand recount. But, they do not have to certify the election before November 20th. So, there is time to act, depending on how many are making the calls. They could also ask for a stay if the evidence is compelling.

Georgia is not the only state to have people who moved out of state and yet a vote was registered in their name. Other states include 7,426 Pennsylvania voters, 6,254 Wisconsin voters, 5,145 Nevada voters, 5,084 Arizona voters, and 1,688 Michigan voters.

They have also found 631 double-voters in Pennsylvania and 987 in Nevada and believe it or not, that is before they check on who allegedly voted on election day. That number could rise considerably.

Braynard said:

“I’m surprised by how many out-of-state national changes of address we found. Because that does indicate very strongly that somebody established residency somewhere else. And then they got mailed an absentee ballot, were able to get one, and they cast it. And in many cases, as we found, they not only cast that ballot, they cast a ballot in the new state they live in as well.”

From The Epoch Times

Aside from the change of address issues, Braynard’s team is calling people who received absentee ballots but didn’t return them. They’re asking the person if they requested the ballot, and if so, did they return it, only for it not to be counted.

The third chunk of phone calls relates to precincts that had an extremely high turnout. They’re calling voters who had never voted before, but voted early or absentee in this election, to confirm whether they indeed cast that ballot.

“We have living, breathing human beings that said, ‘A ballot was cast in my name, I did not cast that ballot nor request an absentee ballot,’” Braynard said. “And that’s a problem that needs to be answered for.”

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