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Elderly and Frail Biden Breaking News, Hurt While ‘Playing’ with Pup and Taken to Hopital, Media Can’t ask Questions

Joe Biden, the former Vice President under Barack Hussein Obama hurt injured himself bad enough to need ongoing medical care, on Sunday, while playing with his dog.

Biden’s accident happened on Sunday, there was some speculation he fell over the dog, when the candidate’s team released an official statement about the injury. The news media is not being allowed any question, and Biden was taken to the hospital for testing.

Some reporters are saying that Biden has suffered a “sprained ankle” some calling it a “Twisted ankle”. One reporter said they are not allowed to inquire.

The real news, Biden was taken down by a puppy dog.

The big news, outside of his favorite socks, is that Biden has fallen:

A reports from the scene by Pat Ward was that the Biden was in the hospital.

Fox News reported on the matter and said:

Biden’s team released a statement saying the 78-year-old slipped “while playing with his dog Major, and twisted his ankle.

The Washington Post, writing avery complimentary article about the Biden’s habit of adopting pet said, “The 78-year-old Democrat will be examined by an orthopedist on Sunday “out of an abundance of caution” following Saturday’s incident, the brief statement said.”

The left leaning propaganda media is obsessed with what flavor ice cream Joe likes and also about his snuggly pets. The Daily Beast wrote a super neato article about Biden and his pets, and their psychic.

According to the article, “Champ says he needs memory foam bedding to ease problems with his joints. Major thinks he may have dental problems. Both dogs say Joe Biden’s troubles with Donald Trump are far from over, but that their master is calm and focused enough to steer America forward.

The Biden White House has sprung its first leaks. But what can be done when the leakers are the president-elect’s beloved dogs, and they are communicating telepathically with a pet psychic in the English Midlands?”

Perhaps the puppies told the psychic about trying to take down their Master and she didn’t report it? Patient Puppy – Shrink confidentiality and that..

THis story is developing, and I will bring you more details if anything happens.

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