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Edmonton Police Officer Thanks Freedom Convoy Truckers and Protesters In Emotional Viral Video [VIDEO]

A lot has been said of the truckers and other protesters in the Freedom Convoy protest against vaccine mandates and the struggle to get back their basic human rights. When conservatives protest, they are always on the receiving end of an attack by the symbiote that consists of the leftist misinformation news media, the leftist politicians, the leftist social media and other leftist platforms, leftist members of academia, and leftist activist groups.

I have never witnessed a more peaceful protest than the Freedom Convoy of trucks that headed up to Ottawa, Canada. And even before they arrived in the capital city, the leftist symbiote started attacking them. They were labeled white supremacists, domestic terrorists, racists, sexists, homophobes, istaphobic phobaphobic istaphobes. You name it, the symbiote said it.

Most of us down here in the States had no idea that nearly every news outlet in Canada went radical leftist, just like our own misinformation news media. Reading some of the headlines about the Freedom Convey in Canadian papers, you would think they all worked for CNN or MSNBC. Nothing but garbage lies about the people who simply want to get their God given freedoms back from a government run by a bunch of tyrants.

It must be difficult for law enforcement in these kinds of situations. In the end, they are citizens just like everyone else. They are your neighbors, family and friends. We saw police in the States follow orders and arrest people for not wearing a mask when outside. We saw a young man surfing in California by himself with no one anywhere near him having police go after him for not wearing a mask. Many cops think they have their own families to worry about, so they have to keep their job. The cops are not the people we should be angry with. It’s their leaders who have made terrible decisions and produced heartless orders and senseless policies throughout the pandemic.

One uniformed police officer in Edmonton celebrated the Freedom Convoy protesters in an emotional video feed on social media. Sadly, the viral video of the officer thanking the peaceful protesters is now under review by the Police Department, and we all know what’s going to happen next.

Constable Elena Golysheva of the Edmonton Police Service bravely identified herself before delivering an emotional speech that lasted over 3 minutes, where she expressed her gratitude to the Canadians who were protesting across Canada to get their freedoms back.


“I’ve always been reminded by my supervisors, ‘Please question unsafe orders. Ask us questions if you think the orders are unlawful.’ And that’s what I think our job is. Thank you truckers for standing up for all of us,” Golysheva said.

The constable talked about why she moved to Canada. She said she chose her new country because she wanted to live in freedom. Canada used to be a free country, but very much like all the other globalist countries run by leftist fascists, including now the United States, basic freedoms have been taken away from the people over a virus that has a 99% survival rate. Trust me, it would have happened even if COVID never came. They would have found another reason.

“Over the last 17 years, I have been asked my fellow police officers and public why I moved to Canada. I wanted to be free. My heart has been broken every day,” Golysheva said. She then broke down, adding, “when I saw the very freedom that I moved to Canada for has been taken away.”

How sad is that? You move from a country that doesn’t have the freedoms we enjoy and after you get to your new country; you watch the freedoms you fought so hard to take advantage of by moving there being taken away.

Something is going on, be it The Great Reset or some other global scheme, world leaders have acted in unison on making their people slaves of the state and terrified of acting freely. No one can deny it. They can’t gaslight it away because everyone feels it. There are many things we could do two years ago that we can’t do now. How is that good for anyone? Governments are breaking laws by issuing mandates that are unlawful. Even as the science is telling us that nearly everything governments did for the pandemic was a waste of time because their measures didn’t work. So, it’s not about the virus. Something else is going on.

Golysheva broke down into tears, adding, “And people, Canadians, who lived here, who were born here, they were not recognizing that. I fought to come here to have it, and it was very difficult to see it being taken away.”

She then stated she will not follow unlawful orders because she is for “freedom of choice,” for “freedom of conscience,” for “freedom of speech,” for “freedom of expression,” for “freedom of communication,” and added “and I am to serve and protect and help out you people in Canada.”

The officer thanked the truckers, farmers, and people with “open hearts and clear minds for standing up” when the “police officers could not stand up for you.”The Edmonton Police Service has confirmed to CTV News Edmonton that Golysheva is one of their officers.On Wednesday, EPS spokesperson Cheryl Sheppard said, “We are in the process of reviewing the video. That’s all I am able to share at this time.” She said there would be no interviews given.I can’t even imagine why they need to “review” the video. She said nothing wrong.It will be a great tragedy if the powers of the Edmonton Police Service discipline the officer for thanking fellow citizens who want their freedoms back.
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