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Durham University Providing Online Classes On How To Work Safely As a Prostitute

Well, now I’ve heard it all.

Durham University in Durham, England, is allegedly providing students with online lessons on how to stay safe while working as a whore. Now, I realize many of you will think this is a class about being a politician, but I assure you it’s about working as a prostitute.

The university recognized that there is an “emerging trend” of its university graduates moving on to join the sex industry. I bet their families are proud.

According to a report by GB News, the lesson plan was designed by the Durham Students’ Union as they saw that there was a rising rate of Durham graduates going into the sex trades and/or producing explicit online content.

It’s being reported that the lessons are being offered to lend support and advice to students and staff who are considering going into the sex trade. I always said the hookers should become unionized so that they don’t get laid off as much, but that’s just me.

The university soured its reputation by backing an email by the Durham Students’ Union to all students and staff advertising the courses. Remarkably, the university also insisted that the training was important for ensuring “students can be safe and make informed choices,” and pointed out an “emerging trend” of their students joining the sex industry as reported by The Times UK.

The criticisms came down hard on the whole idea of the university supporting such a thing. From my own take, it speaks volumes that so many students are graduating from this university and apparently cannot use the skills they learned from their degree to get a job, so the students turn to the oldest profession in order to earn a living.

The sex industry can be very dangerous because you are dealing with people from both sides of the transaction who are committing a crime in order to satisfy different goals. Between diseases and threats of violence preyed upon the sex workers, many in the trade turn to drugs to cope with the poor life’s choices they made that got them where they are. I’m sure most of them think it’s just a temporary way to make some money, but while they are hustling at the trade, that’s time they could have spent searching for a real job. They may earn more than what an entry level position would pay them at a legitimate company, but there is dignity in real work along with pay raises and benefits.

Many people have criticized the school’s acceptance of the online classes because they are legitimizing the sex industry.

Michelle Donelan, the Minister of State for Universities of the United Kingdom, criticized the school for “legitimizing a dangerous industry” and “badly failing in their duty to protect” their students.

“It is right that vital support is offered to women who are being exploited,” Donelan added. “However, this course seeks to normalize selling sex, which has no place in our universities.”

“We know this is a sector that can target young women and students and trap them in the role,” Donelan added. “Universities should be focusing on raising awareness of the dangers of this and supporting women.”

What do the feminists think about this? I haven’t heard a peep from them.

One of the classes dubbed, “an interactive course that explores the challenges student sex workers can face” is booked up solid.

The school and the Student’s Union received complaints from students who said that promoting such courses to staff and students is calling attention to the world that prostitution was available on campus. It’s like a commercial for the sex industry.

“This could cause a real problem, making it part of university culture and making work in the sex industry a normalized activity,” a student told the Times.

Allegedly, the school is trying to justify their support by noting that it’s legal to engage in things like charging people to watch them strip and working on sex chat lines or the disgusting practice of selling used underwear online for the sexual gratification of sicko perverts. So they use that to support young female students going beyond that thin veil and actually engaging in physical sex acts for money?

Please do not forward this story to Hunter Biden. He has enough problems on his own.

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