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Durham to Call James Baker to Testify in Case of Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer Michael Sussmann

John Durham is starting to move and maybe he will take down some of the corrupt officials at the FBI and DOJ after all. He is calling former top FBI lawyer, James Baker ostensibly to get his testimony against Michael Sussmann, a former lawyer for Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Earlier in his investigation, it was rumored that Baker was cooperating with Durham. That could be how Durham was tipped off of about Sussmann.

I wonder if he is only being called for Sussmann or whether Durham plans on getting his testimony o record on others as well. After all, Sussmann has already been indicted. Or perhaps there are other charges that can be pressed against Sussmann as well. Sussmann stands accused of lying to Baker when he said he wasn’t working for any client as he was spreading the false story that Trump was connected to the Kremlin approved Alpha bank.

Fox News reported:

Special Counsel John Durham plans to call former FBI General Counsel James Baker to testify in the case against former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, who was recently indicted for making false statements to the FBI.

During a virtual status hearing Tuesday, government prosecutors on Durham’s team signaled their intention to call Baker to testify as part of the Sussmann case. Sussmann has pleaded not guilty to one count of making a false statement to a federal agent.

The indictment against Sussmann says he lied to Baker when he presented data linking the Trump Organization to a secret server that communicated with Alfa Bank. The indictment indicates Durham may be expanding his investigation to bring separate charges again Sussmann or additional defendants.

U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper on Tuesday asked both the government and Sussmann’s defense to continue moving forward in their discovery process, which could take months, due to the thousands of pages of classified material involved.

The case against Sussmann is in the discovery stage and considering the thousands of pages of confidential information to go through, that would take months. That is not necessarily a bad thing because it could play out just before the midterm elections. The last thing the Democrats want is for President Trump to be exonerated just before the elections. Especially if it involves a conspiracy made up of top Democrats. And this would implicate Hillary and the DNC.

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