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Durham May Have Enough to Pursue Conspiracy Charges in Russiagate Investigation

So far the charge against those involved in the Russian Collusion hoax have been minor, but that could change quickly. As he has been piecing things together, he has found several of the parties, coordinating their attacks on Donald Trump with false charges. That amounts to a conspiracy to defraud the government. Those are heavy charges and some in or retired from law enforcement claim he has enough now to get a conviction.

The sad part is they won’t be able to touch Hillary unless someone implicated in her campaign urns state’s evidence and he or she testifies BEFORE he or she commits suicide. But, he could get people from inside Hillary’s campaign, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS, and possibly some alleged journalists. The best part is there is nothing the Biden administration can do other than firing John Durham. But, right before an election is not the time to do something so corrupt.

But Marc Ruskin, a former FBI special agent, and an assistant district attorney said:

“I think that a strong argument can be made that there would be sufficient justification for a conspiracy charge and that it shouldn’t be a surprise if one is brought. But also, there are a lot of strategic factors that go into a determination by a prosecutor as to what charges to make.”

On May 16th, Hillary’s lawyer, Michael Sussmann goes to court for lying to the FBI. He may get convicted, but I suspect some liberal judge will let him off easy.

From PJ Media

A former FBI special agent and federal prosecutor believes that special counsel John Durham “may have sufficient grounds to seek charges against multiple parties for conspiracy to lie to the government,” according to a report from The Epoch Times.

The question is, though, whether or not he will.

The evidence is overwhelming, and Durham has already accused the Hillary Clinton campaign, her lawyers, and others hired by the campaign of conspiring to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Technically, there’s nothing illegal about that. There is one small legal issue, though: as The Epoch Times reports, Durham has outlined evidence that indicates the “joint venture” between the various parties wasn’t simply opposition research, but also an operation to present the bogus dirt to the U.S. government — which would be a criminal conspiracy.

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