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Drunk on Power Keith Olbermann Freaks Out and Demands Trump Supporters Go To Prison Forever

Since being highlighted on Bannon’s War Room, Tuesday morning. Keith Olbermann’s video showing him going crazy and devolving into madness has gone viral, but before Bannon talked  about him not many people watched Olberman because no one watches him much for any reason.

Olbermann has been tilting and windmills, screaming into a vacuum about his hatred for President Donald J. Trump for 4 years and President Trump’s supporters.

The day before Christmas Eve, Olbermann made a video calling for the healing of the country by punishing his political opponents.  Does that make sense to anyone?

Almost as if reading off a page by the Chinese Communist Party tactics for domination, Olberman videos himself in a melodramatic rendering of a list of grievances and then a roll call of enemies to demand prison for people with who he disagrees.

Where is Joe Biden to rebuke his close friend?  

Earlier, Olberman had posted:

“ENOUGH. OF. THIS. SHIT. Only fear stops bullies. POTUS-elect must make clear to scum like @RepMoBrooks@MattGaetz@Jim_Jordan and the others who plotted a coup with Trump and Pence this afternoon that they are liable to be prosecuted for sedition on 1/20 New Olbermann Vs. Trump,” Olberman said recently.

Check out this video-. What would you call Olberman?  Would you call him a “bully”?

In the video below, Oberman calls for the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute Trump and everyone associated with Trump so that they spend the rest of their lives in court or prison. 

That follows a familiar pattern because Lawfare is a Progressive Communist’s favorite tactic of bankrupting their enemy, one the left loves to use.  We know from current events and news of how the professional DC Civil Servant class has used and abused people close to Trump already. 

We know they will follow up on the most frivolous cases because they believe that the court system will allow them a long and painful battle to deliver them victory over their target.  They know they have the activist judges in their pockets.

Olberman calls for people to spend the rest of their lives in prison so his close personal friend Joe Biden can “heal” the country.

It sounds like Olberman is a little drunk on power.


“JAIL FOR LIFE: Trump’s 2nd night of Pardons and Commutations is an orgy of corruption from the head of a Crime Family. Biden’s right to want to heal. But first, his Att’y General must have a Special Counsel prosecute Trump, his family, his cabinet, his coup plotters, his staffers.” 

For a Christmas Eve message of anger and hatred: 

It is now a binge, from the first night of hostility:

“TRUMP MUST GO TO PRISON FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Night 2 of the pardon orgy removes all doubt: the new Attorney General must appoint a Special Counsel to prosecute Trump, his family, his cabinet, his staff. And challenge a self-pardon. Justice FIRST, healing SECOND. “


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