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Dr. Fauci Supports Mandatory Mask Mandate, Also Supports People Who Already Had Covid-19 To Take The Vaccine Anyway

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, created to be the go-to government organization to help the US navigate through outbreaks, including pandemics.

The institute has been lead by Dr. Anthony Fauci since 1984 and in a Biden administration, he would play an important role in the new administration.

Joe Biden’s first act as the assumptive president-elect was to urge all Americans to wear masks, and to announce the formation of a new coronavirus advisory board that will consider a national mask mandate as one of his first executive actions as president amid rising cases and deaths.

Not surprising coming from Joe. Biden has said several times he supports the idea of a national mask mandate but acknowledges it would likely face legal challenges.

This reminds me of Barak Hussein Obama promoting the idea of DACA, but then saying the president can’t just write immigration law to give the grown children who came into the US illegally protections.

Well after a few attempts to get something passed, but failed, Obama came up with an Executive Order workaround, and 6 years later DACA is still protecting the group, without the risk of them getting deported.

I am sure the Biden team would hope the SCOTUS would rule in their favor accepting the argument that the pandemic is an emergency and thus citizens can be compelled by the government when needed.

Fauci Now Says People Who Already Recovered From Covid-19 Should Get Vaccine!

You just read that Dr. Anthony Fauci would have no problem requiring all Americans to wear a mask. Fauci is also advising Americans who have already had the coronavirus – or suspect that they’ve had it – to take the coming vaccines for it anyway.

Fauci said in a recent interview, that he doubts previously infected individuals will be restricted from accessing the vaccines, and that he has no reason to believe that taking the vaccine will be of harm to those who have already had COVID-19.

“I don’t think that should be a concern at all,” Fauci said, encouraging those Americans to take the vaccines once available.

Two manufacturers, Pfizer and Moderna, have completed their trials and found their vaccine candidates are roughly 95% effective at preventing illness.

“I believe they should” take the vaccine, Fauci said, addressing concerns among individuals who have already recovered from the infection. “The final decision is going to be awaiting both FDA input, because we know that there was a certain percentage of the people who were in the original vaccine trial that had evidence they had been previously infected. So we need to see what the outcome of those individuals was.”

Fauci’s view in un-American and I am sure would end up in litigation.

Talk about Big Brother. I don’t believe half the country will go for a mask mandate, and if pushed do not expect the 5-4 conservative Supreme Court to rule in their favor either.

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