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Dorsey and Zuckerberg Face Heavy Questioning – After the Damage is Already Done

On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced heavy questioning before the Senate Judiciary committee over their well-documented censorship of conservative material over the past several weeks.

In October, Dorsey and Zuckerberg executively decided to remove the New York Post’s content that provided detail concerning the Hunter Biden scandal that surfaced just weeks before the presidential election. They claimed that they did so to enforce one of their policies in 2018 about not posting stories that provided information that was hacked.

Furthermore, both tech giants have marked and censored content about the 2020 election results and voter fraud by marking each Tweet’s claim as “disputed” or potentially untrue. This series of events, and their cooperation amongst themselves, have clearly demonstrated an allegiance to the left, and that all men have an over-inflated sense of importance as editors for truth.

On Tuesday, Dorsey admitted his censorship of the Biden story was wrong, while we yet have to hear an official apology from Zuckerberg.

But do these apologies, or any future apologies, really matter at this point? Do they really care that their actions have censored the voices of thousands of Americans and violated their first amendment rights?

Unfortunately, they really don’t.

Dorsey and Zuckerberg have done their damage in the political world by silencing any claims to prevent Democratic leaders from facing scrutiny. If one of Trump’s children were caught up in an international scandal, they would have relentlessly circulated that material, whether or not the information was obtained through hacking. And their censorship of individuals who claim that Trump will win the election once voter fraud claims have been examined shows they do not want any hope of Biden losing the election to rise.

They know their actions were wrong and biased, and these apologies are nothing more than a petty PR scheme.

Social media has completely changed the way in which information is circulated, and Zuckerberg and Dorsey have become the filters through which that information is funneled. This is an obvious step towards socialism and centralized speech. If we allow our speech to be silenced on social media, how long will it be before what we say in public is monitored?

The American people deserve more than an apology from these two men. They deserve to have their voices heard and information to be provided without censorship.

Americans deserve to have their right to freedom of speech protected, and left at the mercy of these political pawns.

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