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Donna Brazile Gaslighting Saying Democrats Are ‘Running on the economy that’s roaring back’ and the GOP Is ‘Running on fumes’ [VIDEO]

You gotta give it to the Democrats. They can lie in any situation and most of the time they are psycho enough to make people believe them. It’s an acting skill worthy of an award, maybe a Golden Doozy.

Democratic operative Donna Brazile is no less crazy than the rest of them and displayed her kook on Sunday’s “This Week” on ABC when she weighed in on the coming November midterm elections.

Brazile said that the Republicans are “essentially running on fumes” from “energy” of what they deem the “big lie” of 2020. I know a lot of people who are still angry over the big steal, present company included, but I don’t know any Republican who is running or supporting Republican candidates because of it.

The Democrat operative then claimed that Democrats “are running on the economy that’s roaring back” and “fighting inflation.”

See, that’s where the crazy comes in. Brazile was able to hold a straight face and claim the economy is “roaring back” knowing that it is the exact opposite. That, and inflation is over 8% precisely because of bad policies created by the Democrats.

“All we have to do is wait over the next 37 days as 11 or 12 states hold their primaries. You have big primaries in Ohio and North Carolina, Pennsylvania, where the former president has already tipped the scales and supported one candidate over another,” Brazile said. “The Republicans are essentially running on fumes. They’re running on the energy of 2020, which is the big lie. Democrats are running on an economy that’s roaring back, that is fighting inflation, that is helping the Ukrainians. Democrats will run on what they delivered. Republicans are going to run on the fumes of 2020.”


After hearing that, I almost had to call an ambulance. Seriously! I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe.

If Brazile thinks spending even more money, which is what the Democrats are trying to do, is “fighting inflation,” then I suggest she take an Introduction to Economics course because she’s just as ignorant as the Democrat members of the House and Senate.

Remember, this is the woman who, as interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions before a 2016 primary debate in Flint, MI. She got the questions because not only was she the head of the DNC, but she was still working at CNN as a contributor. She has a lot of gall expecting anyone to believe anything she has to say.

A lot of people forget this or may never have heard about it. By the time the 2016 election rolled around, the DNC was flat broke. Barack Obama left them penniless. They had no money to fund any campaigns across the fruited plains. Hillary Clinton found out and cut a deal with the DNC chairwoman who Brazile replaced after she left the job in total disgrace, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). The deal was that Hillary would finance the DNC throughout the election cycle if she was guaranteed to get the party nomination. So they rigged the primary. Gosh, where have we heard about rigged elections before?

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie laughed out loud at Brazile’s words, saying that the GOP is “running on the gas that Joe Biden is giving us at $5 a gallon.” Everyone is running on fumes thanks to the Democrats’ energy policy disasters.

“Come on,” Christie said. “We’re running on the gas that Joe Biden is giving us at $5 a gallon. That’s what we’re running on. We’re running on $5 gasoline. We’re running on 8.5% inflation. We’re running on a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. We’re running on a president and a Democratic Party that their own party … said this week created this inflation through the rescue plan in January.”

Republicans also running against the party that supports teachers sexualizing children in classrooms by pushing LGBTQ+ talking points on them as young as 5-years-old, one of the top things that will hurt congressional Democrat candidates in the midterms.

The only “achievements” Democrats have accomplished since taking over all of government are things they did to try to make them a permanent majority party. It’s been about gaining more and more power and nothing else. The Democrats have done nothing that helps the average American working-class family and that’s where it counts the most. Middle-class families are not feeling good about the direction the country is heading and Democrats know this will translate into a bloodbath at the polls in November. That’s why they send out operatives like Donna Brazile’s to Sunday news programs to lie about how well they’re doing. If they didn’t lie, they would have nothing to talk about.

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