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Donald Trump Is Reshaping the Republican Party With America First Candidates

Democrats hate it. America First people love it. No matter which way you think about it, former President Donald Trump is the kingmaker of the Republican Party, and his endorsement brings a lot of strength to any race. It’s his Republican Party, and he has set his mind to reshape it by taking out the RINOs and putting in people who he believes would put America before globalist interests.

Trump is 81 – 3 for picking winners in Republican primary races as we head into Tuesday’s primary elections. That is one heck of a record.

The America First movement had 23 wins and only 2 losses in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania last week.

Jake Evans (R-GA) running for Georgia’s sixth district, talked about how what is being referred to as the “Trump bump” helped his candidacy.

“We are surging and have continued to be surging really for the past month,” Evans said. “Trumps endorsement catapulted us forward, and he has really pushed us on a strong trajectory. We feel great about it. The reality is voters want to get back to the America First agenda. They wanna get back to the agenda that delivered four of the best years we’ve had in a very long time.” Amen.

“We’ve got to get back to putting American’s first,” Evans declared. “The liberals seem to be more focused on Ukraine over in Europe than they are actually here at home domestically, making sure that we can actually feed our babies. We need to make sure American manufacturing returns back to America.”

The 45th president has coordinated key battleground state wins, including the Senate race in Ohio to replace the retiring Republican Senator Bob Portman. Trump also endorsed JD Vance (R-OH), a rising star in the party, who won his Republican primary against Josh Mandel, the RINO establishment’s choice.

Americans, outside of progressives who hate the country and would do anything to see its downfall, love an America First agenda, because they realize that when the government gets off the people’s back, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. It’s the difference between freedom and prosperity and serfdom and slavery to a tyrannical government.

In my state of Pennsylvania, the America First movement saw a huge victory when state Senator Doug Mastriano won the Republican primary for governor.

Andy Barr of Kentucky, Ted Budd and Bo Hines of North Carolina also came in as major America First victories.

While we are still waiting for the Senate primary in Pennsylvania to have a winner declared, as the election was too close to call on election night, and a recount is underway, there are several other key primaries that can set the path for the general midterm elections coming up in November.

The GOP should do well in the midterms, better than expected even, but they have to take election fraud very seriously. The Democrats know they’re going to take a beating, and we all know they will go to the depths of Hell to keep their power, so Republicans must be vigilant in not allowing what happened in 2020 to happen again. A lot of strong poll watchers who cannot be intimidated by Democrats are what’s needed in every state.

We can get our country back, but we have to work hard at having free and fair elections. If the Republicans lose the midterms, I fear what our country will become. Let’s stay focused and move on to total victory and Make America Great Again. Godspeed.

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