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Donald Trump Delivers Message to Georgia in First David Perdue Ad: ‘Brian Kemp Let Us Down’

U.S. President Donald Trump signs an Executive Order to address the issue of missing and murdered Native Americans during a ceremony in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. November 26, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

President Trump has recorded a message endorsing Sonny Perdue for governor of Georgia. You knew it would happen and the ad will run in Georgia. The current governor, Brian Kemp has been AWOL on the subject of voter fraud.

Even if there weren’t enough stolen votes to turn the election, he should have named a special counsel to investigate. He let the people of Georgia down and he will again in the future. Recent polling shows that Kemp or Perdue would win against Stacey Abram,s.

The 30-second ad, first obtained by Breitbart News, will air on cable and satellite throughout Georgia featuring President Trump. He not only endorses Perdue, but he also bashes Kemp, and rightly so.

Trump says in the ad:

“The Democrats walked all over Brian Kemp. He was afraid of Stacey ‘the Hoax’ Abrams. Brian Kemp let us down. We can’t let it happen again,” 

“This race is about putting people ahead of politicians, and that’s exactly what I’ll do as Governor. We’ll leave no stone unturned to share our bold vision to unite Republicans, stop Stacey Abrams, and save Georgia,” 

So far, candidates who have been endorsed by Trump have seen a surge in polling. Kemp currently leads Perdue by 7 points in one poll and in the second it calls the race a tie. I am very interested to see what the new polls show. Kemp really angered many voters as he went into hiding and backed the election results even though his own staffer notified him of wrongdoing at the time of the election.

From Breitbart News

Also flashing on the screen are the words “Stop Stacey, Save Georgia,” the slogan for the campaign tour Perdue plans to begin on Tuesday in Alpharetta and continue throughout the week.

Perdue, a wealthy businessman who served as a U.S. senator for one term, plans to make about a dozen stops on the tour this week promoting the slogan, which some may find familiar from the high-stakes runoff race in which he and former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) ran in January 2021. “Win Georgia, Save America,” the pair would assert throughout the runoffs as they emphasized that the Senate majority depended on at least one of the two winning their election. Perdue and Loeffler both ultimately suffered narrow and stunning defeats, which resulted in a Democrat-controlled Senate in Washington.

Perdue said in a statement about his return to the campaign trail, “I’m excited to be back on the road talking with Georgia voters about what’s at stake in this election.”


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