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Don Lemon’s Lawyer Sent Complaint Letter to Megyn Kelly For Allowing His Sexual Assault Accuser Talk About Case on Her Podcast Show

A lawyer for CNN’s Don Lemon sent a letter to Megyn Kelly because she had the gall to invite the man who has claimed Lemon assaulted him to appear on her podcast show to discuss the seedy detail of his claims.

Dustin Hice, who was a bartender when the alleged assault happened, said that Lemon was in the Hamptons in 2018 and assaulted him in a very inappropriate way. He touched himself [down there] and then shoved his finger under Hice’s nose and made a comment to him that would have gotten a punch in the face in my old neighborhood. I’m just saying.

It has been reported that Hice had trolled Lemon on twitter for being a typical CNN moron and when the host showed up in the bar Hice worked at he offered to buy Lemon a drink, to which Lemon said no.  Hice said that later that night Lemon accosted him and assaulted him in front of customers.

“Mr. Lemon, who was wearing a pair of shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt, put his hand down the front of his own shorts and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache and under Plaintiff’s nose,” Hice said of the suit.


“Lemon intensely pushed his fingers against Plaintiff’s face under Plaintiff’s nose, forcing Plaintiff’s head thrust backward as Defendant repeatedly asked Plaintiff ‘Do you like p***y or d**k?’ While saying this, Mr. Lemon continued to shove his fingers into Plaintiff’s face with aggression and hostility,” the suit then alleged.

Of course, Lemon denied the whole thing and said that the lawsuit was “frivolous.”

Hice said that the suit is still ongoing and could end up in court around January of 2022, according to Fox News Digital.

Megyn Kelly, a longtime broadcaster, and best known for her stint at Fox News, recently invited Hice on her podcast show to go over some of the finer details of his lawsuit against the sour Lemon.

According to the Daily Wire, Lemon’s attorney sent the letter because Kelly gave Hice an opportunity to retell his story to her audience.

I agree that it was wrong for Kelly to give Hice the air time while the case was still ongoing. I can’t stand Don Lemon, but if we still believe in justice, we can’t look the other way when something like this happens. On the other hand, Kelly and Hice had the right to do what they did. I don’t think his appearance will do Hice any favors, though.

The letter accused Kelly of producing a “lopsided and inaccurate” version of the story of what happened between Lemon and Hice, although Hice has maintained the same story since the beginning.

And I’m just putting it out there that RadarOnline has published a piece saying that Hice said the CNN host tried to pay him $500,000 to settle the lawsuit.

Don Lemon has allegedly been throwing money towards his problems. The 55-year-old openly gay CNN host allegedly offered his sexual assault accuser $500,000 to settle his battery lawsuit, but Dustin Hice doesn’t want the money.

“He’s made three separate attempts almost at a half a million dollars to try and get me to be quiet, but my silence can’t be bought,” he continued. “This isn’t about me trying to get money…. At this point, I just want my life back. I don’t see any kind of settlement happening without an admission of guilt or an apology, but I seriously doubt with his ego and pride that’s going to happen. But that would be a start – if he said he was sorry and admitted that he messed up.”

The letter also says that the filings on the public docket “substantially undermines Mr. Hice’s credibility and as well as the outlandish story he fabricated about Mr. Lemon.” It goes on to say that Lemon “presented evidence of Mr. Hice offering to bribe a witness and that he intentionally destroyed and withheld material evidence that both is directly relevant to his purported claims and that severely undermines his credibility.”

At this point, I don’t know what to believe. I just know that I judge Don Lemon by how he acts as a CNN host on TV. Lemon comes off as a snarky arrogant elitist who looks down at anyone who is not in his leftist bubble who would be capable of accosting someone in that manner. Again, I’m just saying…

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