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Dominion Whistleblower Accuses CEO of Lying During Michigan Hearing

Dominion whistleblower, Melissa Carone, a contractor who worked for the company during the election. 

She is accusing Dominion CEO John Poulos lied during the Michigan Senate hearing. Poulos claimed that Dominion machines cannot be used to switch votes.

Carone says that is an outright lie. Poulos told the Michigan legislators that they only had three employees at the site when they actually had five.

Poulos told legislators that the vote tabulator units sit atop a ballot box that is sealed during ballot counting.

Carone said it may be that way elsewhere but at the TFC Center in Detroit, the boxes were not attached to the machines.

From The Epoch Times

Poulos told the committee that Dominion works with all political parties and uses a “nonpartisan approach.” Carone said her manager at the TCF Center, who co-owns the company, said numerous times that people at the center who had American flags on their shirts or masks were Trump supporters, and he made derogatory remarks about Republicans and Trump supporters.

“If one of their owners is making comments like that and statements like that to a worker, then obviously they’re not bipartisan,” Carone told NTD.

Poulos told legislators that most Dominion machines cannot connect to the Internet. Carone said, citing a recording she made during a training, that every tabulator in the TCF Center had a modem and was connected to the Internet.

Carone said:

“What they would do is they would go off the Internet and then reconnect, go off and reconnect.”

“There were numerous inconsistencies with his story. “

“They didn’t even really understand what he was saying. And he did this in order to remain credible to the public, or try to remain credible.”

Linda Lee Tarver, president of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan said:

“My overall impression of the hearing is that the CEO of Dominion had to come and defend his product. They have many states, billions of dollars invested. And yet, the reality is that we did not learn much more than the accusation of human error, when there is evidence that it is Dominion error.”

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