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Dominion Sends Unprofessional Harassing Letter To MI Election Eyewitness To Retract His Sworn Statements, Or Else

Dominion Voting Systems has done something that should startle Americans who care about the authenticity of American elections; they have threatened a former Michigan State Senator over his sworn testimony regarding behavior he saw with his own eyes, which could potentially be considered voter fraud.

Jim Hoft, for The Gateway Pundit, reported on the matter in his article, “Fake News Washington Post Publishes Hit Piece on Former Sen. Patrick Colbeck — Forgets to Mention His Witness of Massive Drop of Illegal Ballots in Michigan.”

“The Washington Post published a hit piece on former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck on Monday.

The WaPo accuses Colbeck of smearing Dominion Voting Systems, saying the former state senator “Repeated baseless claims about mass fraud in the presidential election to state senators and pro-Trump crowds, falsely insinuating that rigged voting machines and bogus ballots swayed the results,” Hoft reported.

The DialyBeast, a notorious propaganda machine for the left, who often attacks Colebck, reported in defense of Dominion:


Axios reported, “Dominion is demanding that ex-Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck retract baseless claims that the company rigged the 2020 election in Michigan, accusing him of waging a “disinformation campaign.”

It doesn’t sound as if Colbeck plans to comply. In the following is a press release from Colbeck he doubles down:

Canton, Michigan
April 5, 2021
FROM: Patrick Colbeck

On April 2, 2021, lawyers from Clare Locke LLP issued a letter to me on behalf of US Dominion, Inc. That
made spurious claims and threatened legal action in response to my efforts to expose the election fraud in
the 2020 election. The letter referenced a previous letter which they had submitted of which I was not
aware of until I searched through unread email dating back to December.

In the April letter, the lawyers acting on behalf of Dominion demand that I “retract my false claims and
set the record straight.” They claim that the notarized affidavits cited in my presentation “Case for MI
Decertification” are “unreliable sources” despite being subject to perjury charges if proven false.

In support of their claims, they cite blatantly biased, unnotarized sources such as the MI Secretary of State
and Scytl, which are not subject to perjury charges if proven false. The fact remains that the vast
preponderance of their claims against me actually refer to claims that are made by others. I merely
recite what was cited in the notarized claims of others.

Their letter is another example of an orchestrated campaign by election fraud-deniers to infringe
upon our fundamental civil rights such as our first amendment rights to freedom of speech and the
redress of grievances. Elected officials, media outlets and every day citizens continue to be threatened
by representatives of Dominion if they but mention the words “election fraud” or “Dominion”.

Their letter goes beyond an attempt to infringe upon fundamental civil rights, though. It makes false and
defamatory statements such as “you have been lying to your audiences throughout your disinformation
campaign across Michigan in order to solicit over $1 million in ‘donations’ to your personal business”.
False statements such as this were made with malice and designed to cut off financial support for my
family and impede my ability to raise funds for any legal defense.

For the record, since launching my website in July 2020, the site has been the primary
source of income for my family. Over the past 9 months, I have earned a total of $30,195.15 in gross
revenue from site memberships and donations from which I net less than 50%. Obviously, this is
nowhere near the unsubstantiated figure of “over $1 million” cited by Dominion and their lawyers.

Furthermore, prior to running for public office, I made a comfortable six figure income as a successful
Management Consultant. I gave up that security in 2010 when I stepped out in faith and ran for the
Michigan Senate to pursue public service.

I liquidated my retirement savings in order to fund that campaign. Not only have I NOT profited from public service as asserted by Dominion and their lawyers, but I have also made significant financial sacrifices in the interest of public service. The actions taken by Dominion and their legal team are clearly designed to exacerbate my level of financial sacrifice.

The fact remains that I have shared over 240 pieces of election fraud evidence from Michigan alone on
my website at In contrast to Dominion and their legal team, I encourage parties
interested in knowing the truth about the 2020 election to review the data for themselves and draw
their own conclusions.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Trisha

    April 6, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    Its pretty clear when dominion is threatening someone because of evidence than its pretty clear dominion will go under.

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