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Dominion is a “System of 4 Machines” Lt. Col Shaffer Claims, “PA Never Certified Machines”

Tony Shaffer, president of the London Center for Policy Research, in his office on August 8, 2019. (Otabius Williams/NTD)

Tony Shaffer, Decorated former U.S. intelligence operations officer Lt. Col. (retired), appeared on the Joe Piscopo and exposed a shocking detail that has been buried in media reports about alleged voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, and that is that the systems used to tally voter’s ballots in numerous troublesome Democrat-run states, has claimed they have lost the thumb drive where the data of the votes was stored.

“They are saying that 47 thumb drives are lost,” Shaffer said, Tuesday, and he added, “Pennsylvania never certified their machines”.


“Shaffer is a retired U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel who gained fame for his claims about mishandled intelligence before the September 11 attacks and for the censoring of his book, Operation Dark Heart. He is currently the president of the London Center for Policy Research, according to his biography.

Shaffer is no stranger to government corruption, especially with the Obama administration. In 2010 the Pentagon destroyed a book Shaffer authored:

From a 2010 Huffington Post article about Shaffer’s book:

“Almost 10,000 copies of “Operation Dark Heart,” by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (ret.) were recently destroyed after being purchased for $47,000 by the Defense Department, which contended that the uncensored version threatened national security and put U.S. soldiers in danger. Overall, government agencies spent almost $9 billion in 2009 to maintain the secrets on the books.

A comparison of the two versions by the Federation of American Scientists’ Steven Aftergood provides “a revealing snapshot of the way that the Obama Administration classifies national security information in 2010.”

The most common redaction in the entire book is Shaffer’s cover name, “Christopher Stryker,” and other popular redactions are references to the National Security Agency, the abbreviation SIGINT (signals intelligence) and comments like “Guys on phones were always great sources of intel,” notes Aftergood.

He also reports that only about 10% of the redacted passages, such as the identity of the CIA station chief in Kabul and a physical description of that station, have “some conceivable security sensitivity.”

Among the more unnecessary redactions: the name of “Deliverance” star Ned Beatty — “which is not properly classified in any known universe” — but is blacked out on page 15 of the book. Overall, the national security classification exemplified in the new book “does not exactly command respect,” writes Aftergood.

(Please visit Huffington Post for the rest of the article)

According to a 2019 interview by Epoch Times, Schaffer has been studying this issue of voting machines:

“At the 48th Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Council, we sat down with Tony Shaffer, who was formerly a senior intelligence officer in the Department of Defense and is now president of the London Center for Policy Research.

We discuss the problems that exist in digital voting systems that make them vulnerable to hacking, and how foreign threats or bad actors domestically might try to manipulate our elections.”

Shaffer tweeted Wednesday:

“This is what you see in a third world country – no, the election results show massive deviations, unexplained and impossible mathematical anomalies and fraud. There is a Constitutional process now in play to resolve these issues – @JoeBiden did not win…he knows…they know…”

To get a hint about Shaffer, follow some of his thinking. These are his tweets:

“Remember – if they were actually putting out false information @YouTube wound not care…this is all about propaganda, psyops and pushing agendas…

LOL – @wolfblitzer@JoeBiden ain’t won anything…I know you all live in your own alternate universe – there is something called the Constitution and the Electoral College…democratic processes seem to confuse you…

Lie… The purpose of the military is, as directed, conduct intelligence and combat operations – it’s not to be a center for social justice or transgender experimentation…”

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