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DOJ Sues Over Texas’ Redistricting Plan


Corrupt Attorney general Merrick Garland is suing Texas over their redistricting plan. He claims it underrepresented Blacks and Hispanics, but in Texas, both of those groups have been moving towards the Republicans in incredible numbers.

I notice that Garland has not sued Illinois, where they are wiping out almost all Republican districts. But, I would expect him to do no different. We dodged a real bullet when he was kept off the Supreme Court.

DOJ officials claim that the number of Blacks and Hispanics has increased in numbers and the new redistricting dilutes their numbers. They claim the redistricting map violates federal law. I suspect it violates Democratic plans.

The problem could be that the Supreme Court says that Federal courts do not have the power to rule on redistricting, allowing Democrats to shop for state district courts that are favorable to them. But, it can be appealed right u to the Texas Supreme Court, which would favor Republicans.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said:

“The department’s career voting law experts have assessed Texas’s new redistricting plans and determined that they include districts that violate the Voting Rights Act.”

The legal challenge comes after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in October signed into law a new congressional map. Because Garland claims that the Texas plan violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965, it can be reviewed by a federal court. Garland has filed a lawsuit in El Paso.

The lawsuit reads in part:

“Our complaint today alleges that the redistricting plans approved by the Texas state legislature and signed into law by the governor will deny black and Latino voters an equal opportunity to participate in the voting process and to elect representatives of their choice in violation of the Voting Rights Act,” said Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta. “Our complaint also alleges that several of those districts were drawn with discriminatory intent.”

From The Hill

The once-per-decade redistricting process began in mid-August with the release of Census Bureau data, which in some states set off a scramble to manipulate voting maps for partisan gain. The political stakes for the upcoming 2022 midterms are enormous, with control of the U.S. House hanging in the balance.

Gerrymandering, the practice of drawing congressional and state legislative districts to dilute an opposing party’s voting power, has been around roughly since the nation’s founding. But some experts have warned that the Supreme Court’s weakening of the federal government’s ability to respond could contribute to unprecedented levels of map manipulation during this round of redistricting.

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