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Disgraced Democrat Corrine Brown Running For Office Again After Serving Prison Time

Ex-convict Corrine Brown runs for the House again.

Ex-convict Corrine Brown has decided to run for congress, after having been sent to prison for committing massive fraud and corruption. Brown was sentenced to five years in prison for making her charity a moneymaking proposition. Her charity took in an alleged $830,000 dollars and paid out just $1,200 in grants. The charity was supposedly collecting money to help poor students go to college. Instead, it paid for Brown to go on extravagant vacations.

Brown was released from prison just under three years after she went in during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving Democrats a reason for emptying out the prisons. Now, Brown is anxious to feed at the federal government trough once again. Or maybe she was just looking for that payday candidates are entitled to pay themselves from their campaign contributions. Or overpay themselves as Ilhan Omar did when she first ran for the House.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Democratic ex-Rep. Corrine Brown makes comeback bid after serving prison sentence

A former Florida Democratic representative is running for Congress again after serving more than two years in federal prison on a litany of mail and tax fraud charges.

Former Rep. Corrine Brown, who represented the Jacksonville area in Congress for 24 years before being defeated in the 2016 Democratic primary by Rep. Al Lawson, announced her decision to mount a comeback bid in Florida’s newly redrawn 10th Congressional District, offering details in a press release posted on her campaign website.

Shortly after Brown left Congress, she was convicted of 18 federal crimes, including wire fraud, mail fraud, filing false tax returns, and conspiracy, in a case stemming from a sham charity that prosecutors said Brown used as a slush fund to pay for vacations, lavish parties, and personal expenses.

The charity, One Door Education, allegedly received over $830,000 in contributions to fund scholarships for low-income students but paid out only $1,200, with much of the remainder being deposited into Brown’s personal bank accounts.

The former congresswoman was sentenced to five years in federal prison in December 2017 and served more than two years of her sentence before being released early in April 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns.

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