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Did You Know – Joe Biden’s “Friend,” “Mentor,” and “Guide” Was A KKK Exalted Cyclop?

The democratic party, historically documented as the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and zero votes for the civil rights act, has been able through entitlements to convince the black community they are looking out for their welfare. Every four years, the Democrats have received very high vote counts from black communities. In cities with large urban areas, the GOP had not had real opportunities to win local elections. Examples would be Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

The 2020 campaigns have already been playing the race card for months. There has been a concerted effort to label President Trump as a racist, regardless of any evidence, to keep the black vote in line with previous elections. On top of Race, the DNC has directed the media, donors, and entertainment outlets to promote the idea that President Trump has character flaws such as sexually assaulting women, homophobia, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, etc.

Joe Biden has tried to make “character” as much of an issue in the 2020 election as anything else—having argued that unlike Trump, he is a man of upstanding character. But what kind of character must one have to praise a former leader in the Ku Klux Klan, as Joe Biden has on many occasions? In fact, ten years ago today, Joe Biden praised Robert Byrd, the former Ku Klux Klan “Exalted Cyclops,” and referred to him as a “friend,” “mentor,” and “guide.”

He has lauded South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond — who Biden called “one of my closest friends” — and Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, who Biden worked with on legislation to prevent court-ordered desegregation busing. He has also expressed admiration for Sens. John StennisJames O. Eastland and Herman Talmadge. He has even praised George Wallace, an Alabama governor and segregationist presidential candidate.

Joe Biden launched his 2020 campaign based on that Charlottesville lie, saying that the president called neo-Nazis and white nationalists “very fine people,” and he has said it on numerous other occasions since then.  Joel Pollack of Breitbart News even confronted the Democratic presumptive nominee, in person, and pointed out to him on his cell phone that Trump condemned the hate groups, but Biden still repeats the lie.`

Everyone, who wants to know, acknowledges Joe’s close relationship with racist politicians from Southern states.

From PJ Media

Biden has a long history of being cozy with segregationists. In 2019, he invoked not one, but two segregationist Democrats (Senator James Eastland of Mississippi and Senator Herman Talmadge of Georgia) he had good working relationships with during his time in the U.S. Senate. Several of his former primary rivals called him out for this.

“Vice President Biden’s relationships with proud segregationists are not the model for how we make America a safer and more inclusive place for black people, and for everyone,” said Cory Booker. Biden even demanded an apology from Booker for his comments on Juneteenth.

“It’s never OK to celebrate segregationists. Never,” said Elizabeth Warren.

Kamala Harris accused Biden of “coddl[ing] the reputations of segregationists.”

From DJHJ Media

An old video clip of Joe Biden shows when as a US senator he referred to members of a KKK-affiliated group as being filled with “many fine people” during a 1993 Senate hearing.

In the course of the Senate confirmation hearing for then-Supreme Court nominee, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Biden began talking by referring to a speech that was made on the Senate floor by Senator Howell Heflin (D-AL), who was showing his support of Senator Carol Moseley Braun’s (D-IL) efforts to deny the renewal of a Confederate flag design patent to the Klan-affiliated group.

“I, too, heard that speech and, for the public listening to this, the senator made a very moving and eloquent speech. As a son of the Confederacy, acknowledging that it was time to change and yield to a position that Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun raised on the Senate floor, not granting a federal charter to an organization made up of many fine people who continue to display the Confederate flag as a symbol,” Biden said during the 1993 hearing.

The real Joe Biden has given way to the wishes of the Democratic establishment, and with this submission is being carried along, protected, and past hidden by those who know better. The Joe Biden accused of sexual assault, quid pro quo with Ukraine and China for his son Hunter, impeachment hoax, the takedown of General Flynn and the fact that his mentor, Robert Byrd, was a KKK Exalted Cyclop,

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