DHS RFeports ‘Right-Wing’ Terrorists Caused Most Violence in 2020, Ignoring Summer Riots By Left-Wing Groups

On Friday, Jana Winter, a Yahoo News contributor, started pushing a narrative that fits right into the leftist Woke Supremacy’s worldview bubble that “the U.S. government is acknowledging for the first time that right-wing extremists were responsible for the majority of fatal domestic terrorist attacks last year, according to an internal report circulated by the Department of Homeland Security last week.”  If you spend any amount of time reading the piece you come to the conclusion that is filled with a lot of assumptions and not many facts.

The report was created by the Joint Regional Intelligence Center, described in her piece as “a DHS-funded fusion center,” and was sent out to police across the country.   It declares that violence and civil unrest last year were mostly related to “non-affiliated, right-wing and left-wing actors,” but that “right-wing [domestic violent extremists] were responsible for the majority of fatal attacks in the Homeland in 2020.”

Did it pop right out to you the minute you read it?  The statement declares “right-wing and left-wing actors,” but the leftist Woke Winter and the so-called “experts” she quotes in her piece focus only on “right-wing extremism.”  Maybe that’s because the report itself is as politcally biased as Jasna Winter and experts in that it was written to give off the insinuation that “right-wing extremism” IS A MAJOR EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO OUR WAY OF LIFE, oh, and by the way, there’s some violence found somewhere on the left as well.   How pathetic.

Winter says the report ” appears to be the first known instance of an official government or law enforcement agency clearly acknowledging the trend, though senior officials have noted the rise in white supremacist attacks.”  Well, that’s not exactly true either as FBI director Chris Wray said back in 2017 that “white nationalist” violence was equivalently dangerous to the United States as the Islamic State, so there’s that.

Seth Jones of the Center for Strategic and International Studies said about the report, “What is a little unusual is that they’ve used terms like ‘right- and left-wing’ in a government document, because the government has generally used other terms. The government in 2020 did try to stay away from ‘right-wing’ terms because they were easily politicized.”  So, the Thief-in-Chief Joe Biden originally told us that there is no red America or blue America, that we are all Americans now has his administration defining people by political ideologies.

And Winter was only so happy to try to pin “right-wing” violence on, you guessed it, Donald Trump.

“The report also comes not long after the end of the Trump administration, which was criticized for downplaying right-wing violence. Former President Donald Trump, in particular, frequently referred to the threat from antifa, a loose movement of left-wing activists.”  So we have a leftist reporter pushing nonsense about Donald Trump being a white nationalist or at least sympathetic to them, while ANTIFA is not a real group, it’s just an idea, an idea that has caused billions in damager along with Black Lives Matter during the entire summer of love riot-fest.   I swear these leftists are living in a fantasy world.

Making it very clear what the point of this report is, Mike German, whom Yahoo News identifies as a “former FBI agent and now a fellow at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice,” explains: “There is a lot of overlap between white supremacists and far-right militias, and they often work together during the commission of violent acts, like at the attack on the Capitol.”

Can we be honest here?  The country witnessed BLM and ANTIFA attacking people for the last three to four years or longer, on television, and with impunity, because Democrats in charge of cities do little to nothing to stop them, and yet I haven’t seen any white nationalists out in the streets attacking anyone because of their radiology or because they wanted to hold a prayer meeting or something.  How the hell do they dress so that we can identify them?  We know that BLM and ANTIFA thugs dress in black-like uniforms, but what the hell did these white nationalists wear when they go out to thump on people?  Outside of the tiki torch brigade that time in Charlottesville where the hell are all the white nationalists that the leftist kooks keep telling us are crawling around every street corner?

And after reporting on this as if the story they gave is real to make you believe that if you support Trump you’re a right-wing terrorist, Yahoo News then  pointed out that “the government has released no data on historical activity or the current threat landscape.”  So, what then, we’re just supposed to believe them when they make up fantasies about right-wingers attacking innocent people?

The story was so poorly written it’s difficult to understand how they are using terms like “right-wing,” “terrorist attacks” and “violence.”  We know that the left has a terrible economy with vocabulary and an English dictionary so it would be good if they would just for once give some explanations of what they mean by the terms they use.   A right-wing extremist for example could be someone who voted for Trump as far as they’re concerned.

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  1. This is gaslight in a big way trying to push their false narrative. They are so transparent blame every thing on Trump well I for one are sick of it.

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