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DHS Inspector General Refuses to Investigate Border Patrol Agents Whom Media Accused of Whipping Migrants

The media and the Democrats decried it as an all-out assault on illegal immigrants by Border Patrol Agents. At the time people pointed out that the agents were not whipping the illegal aliens as the lamestream media and Democrats lied about.  Now, the DHS Inspector General has announced that he will not investigate the accusations made against the agents Two months ago when Haitians were pouring across the border,   the agents were falsely accused of whipping them.

The loony left lost their mind. Mad Maxine Waters claimed it was worse than slavery. Alejandro Mayorkas claimed there would be an immediate investigation. Joe Biden said the agents would pay for what they did.

The DHS explained:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initially referred the investigation to DHS’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). The OIG declined to investigate and referred the matter back to CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). OPR then immediately commenced investigative work, including its review of videos and photographs and the interview of witnesses, employees, and CBP leadership. OPR has followed customary process in its investigation of this matter.

Once completed, the results of the investigation will be provided to CBP management to determine whether disciplinary action is appropriate and, if so, the specific discipline to be imposed. At that time, the employees will be afforded due process, including an opportunity to respond, and any corrective actions will comport with applicable laws and regulations.

If anything happens to these agents, we need to rise up against the Nazi-like Democrats and then thin the herd on the next election day. You cannot watch this video and say anyone was whipped by the agents.

From The Blaze

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) grilled Mayorkas about the whipping lie during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

“Why on Earth did you not defend them?” Lee asked. “Has no one in your entire department ever become aware of how one uses split reins when riding a horse?”

In response, Mayorkas claimed he “stand[s] with” Border Patrol agents. Lee, however, was not buying it.

“Did you defend them when they were being attacked for whipping people, which they were not?” Lee shot back.

Still, Mayorkas continued to deflect, and said that only an investigation would draw conclusions about what happened at the border with the Haitian migrants.



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