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Detroit Poll Watcher: ‘There Was A Conscious Effort To Disrupt What We Were Trying To Do As Challengers’

A “pattern of intimidation and bullying,” that’s how a Republican poll watcher described suspicious voter fraud in a lawsuit as he and others tried to observe the ballot counting in Wayne County, which is the largest in Michigan.

According to Edward McCall, an “extremely confrontational” group of poll watchers “constantly” confronted the GOP observers, blocking them from being able to do their job of watching the vote count and looking for errors.

“It was constant; it was unbelievable. The level of hostility and distraction, and just asking questions and staring at me from a couple of feet away … it was shocking,” he said during an interview.

One of the two plaintiffs in a November 9 lawsuit maintaining “numerous issues of fraud and misconduct” at the TCF Center in Detroit, where McCall worked as a poll watcher from November 2 through November 4.  That’s the center that counts all of the absentee ballots for Wayne County.

In the signed affidavit, McCall wrote that on November 3rd and 4th poll workers “would hold papers in such a way as to block out view of the ballots.”  Why would they do that unless they cheating and didn’t want honest people to know?  There is no other explanation.

McCall also mentioned there were people there that he referred to as “challenger challengers,” who thought it was their mission “to be there for the purpose of challenging us.”

The group McCall talks about had about a dozen people, and the apparent leader was a man wearing an earpiece.  He said the people in the group constantly tried to stop the GOP poll observers from voicing concerns of issues.  They “always or almost always challenged the 6-foot [social distancing] rule,” frequently asking “Is there a problem here?” when he and others tried to view a ballot, even if they had maintained a reasonable distance.

“I’m convinced that there was a conscious effort to disrupt what we were trying to do as challengers, and it was very, very disconcerting,” he said.  Again, there is no excuse for this type of behavior except to cheat.  If an election is fair then there is no need to pull these kinds of tactics to block the very people who give faith to our election process. They were cheating and they didn’t want anyone to see it with their own eyes.

He said that 6 people over a 45 minute period, walked up to him one at a time and accused him of standing too close, even though he was given permission from a woman named Diane, who was a supervisor.  Besides, so long as he was not in the way it shouldn’t matter where he stood. He needed to be able to stand close enough to read the ballots. that was the whole nature of his job that they were trying to block.

“I believe their entire purpose was to distract me from doing the challenging operation until they could get some ballots processed,” he said.

The Trump campaign sued Michigan in federal court on November 10, filing a 234 page complaint with sworn witness affidavits, where they declare widespread issues over the handling and the counting of ballots at that TFC Center.

Harassment was the name of the game.  Qian Schmid, a Chinese American, worked the same shift with McCall on November 3rd.  In her affidavit she recalled “chaotic ballot counting process,” including ballot duplication, unattended ballot boxes and at least three ballots that were not in the system.  The Democrat workers threw racist questions at her like “What gives you the right to be here since you are not American?”

A lot ballots went through with problems and were never reviewed, according to McCall.  For example, he counted 24 times when there were ballot problems while working November 2nd where at least 15 ballots came in with handwritten ballot numbers on the envelope that never matched the electronic poll book.  He spotted a ballot marked with the wrong date on the envelope and there were some ballots that were not filled in correctly.  They all went through without the workers ever caring about the flaws.  They were more-than-likely Biden votes based on the descriptions of how the workers treated the GOP observers.

McCall isn’t the only one who experienced the obfuscation tactics.  Apparently there were dozens of GOP polls observers who told him about their treatment a the center as well.

David Fink, an attorney for the City of Detroit Mayor’s Office, dismissed the lawsuits as “baseless.”  A spokesperson for the Michigan Department of State, Jake Rollow, labeled the Trump lawsuit “the same kind of irresponsible false rhetoric and misinformation that we saw throughout the election,” and maintained that “Michigan’s elections were conducted fairly, securely, transparently.”  Yeah, and I’m Mary, Queen of Scots.

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