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Despite Fake News and Tech Giant Censoring Donald Trump’s Record Says He Deserves 4 More Years

As the whole world watched, President Donald Trump delivered a spectacular performnce during Thursday night’s debate and reminded us that he has done more for our country and the American people over the last 47 months than former Vice President Joe Biden did in 47 years as a failed and crooked DC swamp politician.

And with Biden unable to duck and hide, Trump did what the left-wing media have been completely unwilling to do throughout this whole campaign, which was to press Biden on his and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) radical agenda, together with Biden’s long history of peddling political influence to line the pockets of the Biden crime family.

Biden admitted that his goal is to eventually shut down the oil industry, which would include natural gas and the coal industry as well. Though Biden lied about it during the debate, his policies would also lead to a ban on fracking.

This couldn’t have been a more clear message to the millions of Americans whose jobs are in or dependent on fossil fuels industries that Biden is coming for your jobs.  And you don’t even have to be in the fossil fuel industry to be negative affected by the policies.  Gasoline, if you can get it, would see prices skyrocket.  Plastics are made from oil, which means practically everything you buy will see skyrocketing costs as well.  Like the cell phones you use, and the computers and keyboards and mice you use every day.  Most of your car is made of plastic, so forget being able to buy a new one.

The president forced Biden explain why he wants to place more regulations on small businesses and defend a tax plan that would raise taxes by $4 trillion and reduce median household incomes by an estimated $6,500.  Biden lied in the first debate by saying he would not raise taxes on anyone who makes over $400,000, but he has also said numerous times on the campaign trail that he is going to repeal the Trump tax cuts, which means everyone making above and below $400,000 a hear will have their taxes raise and they will take home less money.

Trump also pointed out how Biden’s health care policies would destroy our health care system by imposing a government-run health care system.  Biden lies about that claiming he doesn’t want government-run health care but a public option instead.  The dirty little secret is that a public option is always designed to force a government single payer system.  What happens is the government plops down their public option system into a private marketplace.  The government doesn’t have to worry about money, because if it needs more, it just takes it from us.  What always happens is when costs rise in the industry, thanks in large part because of the government plan not having to compete in the market, remember, they take our money to operate, premiums eventually go up in the private companies to compete with the government, and then, because of government interference in the marketplace, people can no longer afford their plans, and they have to go with the government plan.  That scheme is built right into Biden’s plan, but he’s lying to you about it to make it appear that a public option will be just another competitor in the health care marketplace.  Trump pointed out that over 180 million Americans would lose their private insurance.

Trump mentioned the recent explosive reports of Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals for no show jobs in Ukraine and bribery schemes in China when he was vice president.  Biden lied on this too when he said that no one who has looked at it has ever said there was anything wrong.  I think of the people who looked at it far more said there’s plenty wrong with what went on as he was vice president than not.  Biden previously lied when he said he never spoke to his son about his overseas business deals, when evidence came out that yes, he most certainly did, as he met with some of the people involved.

You have to wonder how many of the American voters out there who still support Joe Biden even know about his destructive policies or all of the corruption he’s been involved in?  When you have a Fake News media industry and leftist tech giants in social media all blocking the information from getting out, it’s no wonder they don’t know what’s really going on.   The top two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, both censored the news about Biden’s family getting payoffs from foreign governments.  Joe Biden is so in the back pocket of the communist Chinese government that he is now an active national security threat to the United States and if God forbid he wins the election, he should be impeached immediately.

Despite the bias from the media and social media companies, President Trump’s record on keeping his promises and creating the greatest economy we have ever seen in this country has earned him the right to four more years.  In fact, Trump’s policies were so good that even during the worst pandemic we have experienced in over a hundred years, 56 percent of Americans believe they are better off now than they were four years ago.  That is remarkable.

Americans know that Trump did it once, and he can do it again.  They also know that a Biden presidency would spell disaster for the country, disaster for their paychecks and disaster for their families.

Trump kept his promises by building a wall, gutting all the loopholes in our immigration system, renegotiating bad trade deals designed to help the globalists to an America First agenda on trade, reducing unemployment to record lows, especially for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and women workers.  He got prison reform done when no one else could do it.  And most import of all, Trump has kept his promise to fill vacancies on the courts with Constitutionalists who will bring some sanity back to our judicial system.

The choice Americans have to make on November 3rd has never been more clear.  Do you want a man who had no significant achievements after spending 47 years in Washington, DC, who seems to be compromised by foreign entities, and who has signed onto the most radical progressive agenda the likes of which has never been seen, or do you stick with the guy you know keeps his promises to fight hard for you and can deliver for the American people?

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