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DeSantis Rejects Biden As He Walls Himself Into DC With Manufactured Illusion Of Danger Over SOTU

President Joe Biden during a meeting in the White House in Washington, Jan. 3, 2022. A year later, the nearly universal outrage after the assault on the Capitol has reverted to separate blue and red realities, and former President Donald Trump has remained the dominant force in his party. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

The Democrat Joe Biden administration uses Biden’s first State of the Union Address, scheduled for Tuesday night, to stir up fear porn over Jan. 6th, 2021, at the US Capitol.  On that day in 2021, at least four supporters of President Donald J. Trump were killed; however, Democrats use the imagery of that day to insinuate that Democrats are in danger- because their base likes the fear porn, and it gives them an excuse to hate people they disagree with over politics.

Ironically, the Democrats have created this security wall in DC for the Democrats to play theater with, while their very policies are creating epic, dangerous security problems for the rest of the country.

But Democrats sort of view life as one big Hollywood drama or opportunity for winning a drama award.

People in the DC area posted videos showing a significant National Gaurd presence in the area on Monday.

So Biden and the Pentagon, to play the ultimate political theater, requested the National Gaurd from states to protect the Democrats from imaginary protests. One Governor has said ‘no way’.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has rejected the Biden Administration’s request to send the state National Guard to the State of the Union address in Washington D.C., and he announced that on Twitter on Monday morning,

The Florida National Guard will not be a part of the hundreds of members who were activated as part of a request from the D.C. Emergency Management Agency to provide traffic control and enhanced security in anticipation of the protests surrounding President Joe Biden’s speech.

The Pentagon said that guard members would not carry firearms or participate in law enforcement or domestic-surveillance activities.

There are no specific or credible threats related to Biden’s speech or to him.

The U.S. Capitol Police has beefed up security for planned protests in the area since January 2021 and has seen no action at all; however, being the drama queens they are- they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have more political theater for the leftist media.

One thing that does concern leftist officials is the trucker convoys that are allegedly planning protests, about 70 miles from Washington DC, against pandemic restrictions.

This is the way. Shame on any governor participating in Pelosi’s and Biden’s political misuse of the National Guard this week,” US Rep. Thomas Massie posted in response to the DeSantis announcement. 

“Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger released a statement Sunday, announcing the plan to put up a fence around the Capitol before the State of the Union address had been approved and mentioning he requested help from the National Guard. The Pentagon authorized 700 National Guardsmen on Tuesday to deploy to D.C., citing the trucker convoys that are reportedly on their way to D.C. to protest Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates,” The Daily Caller reported about the situation.

According to DC National Gaurd, the National Gaurd who are in the area will be used for traffic control.

“The District of Columbia Army National Guard Soldiers man a traffic control point with @DCPoliceDept(MPD) officers. Soldiers and Airmen will wear high-visibility vests while on duty making them easy to identify as they assist MPD at traffic control points.”


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