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Deputy Warden at DC Gulag Where Pro-Trump Political Prisoners Are Violently Beaten and Abused Is Exposed as Toxic Trump-Hater

Guess what? The Deputy Warden at the DC Gulag where Pro-Trump protesters are fed rancid meat denied proper medical care, and are violently beaten badly, including one man who lost an eye during one of the beatings, is a long time sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  She recently deleted her Twitter page in an effort to hide who and what she is. But, the internet is forever. She has been exposed.

The jail in DC is filled with political prisoners like you can find in any third-world country. If the prisoners were anything but Trump supporters, there would be a hue and cry all across this once great country. Liberal judges make it worse by refusing bail to those who are charged with misdemeanors. Kathleen Landerkin is the Deputy Warden, who helps preside over the cruelest jail, this side of Venezuela. If there is justice in this world, she will become a prisoner in the gulag she presides over.

From The Gateway Pundit 

The J-6 protesters have been beaten by the Trump-hating guards to within an inch of their lives.

This is part of the Biden legacy — Where America surrenders and then arms the enemy and where Americans are held indefinitely in prison with trial.

Democrats are determined to turn America into a Marxist sh*thole. This is how it begins.

Now we know why the January 6 prisoners are treated like terrorists. The Deputy Warden is a raging leftist who regularly tweets vicious attacks at Trump supporters. She is Deputy Warden at the DC Gulag.

From The National File

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted at Landerkin, “You are responsible for human rights violations in the DC Jail and torture and abuse of pre-trial defendants.”

She included a screenshot of one of Landerkin’s tweets that read “F**k everyone who supports Trump.”

Alex Brusewitz, the CEO of XStrategies, conducted an advanced search of her twitter by typing “Trump” and dozens of anti-Trump tweets came up such as “The Trump family is a crime family and the GOP in [sic] complicit,” and “Trump is doing more damage to this country then [sic] foreign terrorists ever have.”

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