I’ve been saying that the Democrats will push to see President Trump’s taxes in an effort to find something to impeach him. As everyone knows, dig deep enough you’ll find something out of order, even with a team of tax lawyers.

As a private citizen, he doesn’t have to show any personal tax info. During his time as President, I would agree that it should be shown. This should also be applied to all in Congress. We should ask politicians that make millions of dollars when they are paid as standard government officials.

Nancy Pelosi’s Average Net Worth: $82,523,017. She has assets in Apple and Facebook.

Maxine Waters Average Net Worth is: 6 million

You cannot tell me that these politicians do not have financial gain in their roles. Just seeing who Pelosi has assets with should tell us she is not an average person in an average political office. They are dirtier than Trump hands down.

Author: Will Johnson