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Democrats Propose Radical New Bill Limiting Supreme Court Tenure by Mandatory Replacement


The Democrats have been up in arms ever since the decision regarding Roe versus Wade was leaked a few months ago. Honestly, they’ve been pretty upset for quite a while before that as well. They protested every single nomination that President Trump made in which three conservative Supreme Court Justices were appointed during his time in the White House.

Now, Democrats are working hard and doing everything possible in order to try to regain some sort of control over the judicial branch of the government. A branch in which they should not be bothered and worried about control over. The purpose of the Supreme Court is to be a neutral party that only interprets the laws that are already in place. It shouldn’t matter if they’re conservative or liberal. If they’re doing their job properly then they’re going to rule based on current law whether we like it or not.

This was never a problem until the Democrats started not being able to get their way. However, this is something that we as conservatives have dealt with for a long time. And honestly, it’s a cycle. They’re going to be Democrats and they are going to be Republicans that appoint Supreme Court Justices.

A group of Democrats in the House, led by Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson, introduced the bill into the record Tuesday evening. The bill, titled the ‘‘Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act of 2022,” or TERM Act, would place term limits of 18 years on Supreme Court justices, and mandate that the President appoint a justice to the Court twice during each term.

The first section of the bill deals with the appointment of justices. The text states:

The President shall, during the first and third years after a year in which there is a Presidential election, nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint one justice of the Supreme Court.

The bill only allows Presidents to appoint Supreme Court justices according to these parameters.

Next, the bill establishes an 18-year term limit for Supreme Court Justices from the time they are commissioned to serve on the Court. The text states:

Each justice shall serve in regular active service for 18 years from the date of the justice’s commission, after which the justice shall be deemed to have retired from regular active service under section 371.

Furthermore, the bill would force all the justices sitting on the Court at the time of the bill’s passage to retire upon the appointment of a new justice, beginning with the longest-serving justice and continuing in order of duration of service.

Finally, the bill amends current law on the books regarding the number of justices. The bill stipulates that whenever the number of justices falls below the number established by law, “due to vacancy, disability, or disqualification,” the most-recently retired justice will serve as an associate justice until a replacement is appointed to the Court.

I do however think that it’s pretty shady that the liberal ones tend to try to wait until someone from their political party is in the White House so that they can have someone just as liberal get appointed.

The language is a bit confusing, but if I understand it correctly, a president MUST appoint a new justice in the first and third years following a presidential election and force those who have been there the longest out of their job. They need to do this for Congress, not the Supreme Court.

Daily Wire

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