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Democrats Plan To Insert a Debt Ceiling Increase Into a Spending Bill And Republicans Vow To Fight It

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Democrats are Republicans are about to have a showdown. Once again, Congressional Democrats want to do something that would be horrible for our economy but great for their reelection efforts. They just don’t care who their shenanigans harm, so long as they obtain more power.

The Democrats are planning to stuff a provision into their spending bill that would raise the debt ceiling. This just proves that the Democrats do not look at the debt ceiling as a way to controlling the amount of spending of the people’s money that the government does, rather, they see it as the amount they can spend up to, until they increase it.

The Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling through the 2022 midterm elections to fund the federal government through December.

Folks, this means the Democrats don’t want a public fight over raising the debt ceiling where President Joe Biden, a.k.a. the houseplant, would have to get involved, so they want to do it in a spending bill. The Democrats are the most irresponsible political party we have ever had. When you think about it, almost every major problem we face in this country is because of Democrat party policies. Oh, the mainstream media will side with Democrats to blame Republicans and conservatives every time, but if you look at the problems that this country faces, you can find your way back to some Democrat policy that caused it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) determination to put the debt ceiling provision in the government funding bill rather than the budget reconciliation process would set up a showdown with Senate Republicans, who have promised to oppose such a measure.

The Republicans will tell you they oppose doing it so that the government can’t continually outspend the amount of spending they are allowed via the debt ceiling, and the Democrats will tell you it’s because Republicans are ista-phobic-phobe-a-ista-phobes (a Dan Bongino term). You know their list; Republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ista-phobic-phobe-a-ista-phobes.

The funding that the federal government has to live off of dries up on September 30, so the debt ceiling has to be increased by early October if they want to continue to spend more money, and trust me, they want to spend more money.

“The debt limit is a shared responsibility, and I urge Congress to come together, in that spirit, on a bipartisan basis as it has in the past to protect the full faith and credit of the United States,” Pelosi wrote in a Dear Colleague release to House members on Sunday.

According to Senate Republicans, House Budget Committee chairman John Yarmuth (D-KY) has said that the Democrats can raise the debt ceiling through the reconciliation process instead of putting it into the government spending bill. The cojones on these Democrats make you wonder why would they want to start of fight with House minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell that they know will be provoked by this move. It makes me believe they are up to something. Democrats may be evil, but they’re not stupid. For Democrats, everything is political. What are they planning?

“Well, ultimately they’re going to have to vote for it or we’re going to have to have a vote and do it by ourselves,” Yarmuth said to MSNBC during an interview.

He continued, “We can do it through reconciliation. Leadership has said they don’t want to do that. The reason is, if we do that through reconciliation, we have to specify a number. That only leads to further chaos in a certain period of time.”

If they do the reconciliation process in the Senate, then the Republicans cannot use the filibuster. Raising the debt ceiling is not a spending item, and only spending bills can use the reconciliation process. The Democrats are constantly trying to slip things into bills that are not allowed. Just recently, the Senate Parliamentarian blocked the Democrats from slipping an amnesty provision into a spending bill.

Yarmuth, in one of the most irresponsible statements by a Budget chairman I have ever heard, said that he would rather raise the debt ceiling to an “extraordinarily large amount that we’ll never reach” so that Congress could avoid the tense showdowns between the parties. Trust me, the Congress would reach it by noon the next day.

“But that’s probably not viable politically,” Yarmuth remarked. Or intelligently. My goodness, what a dope.

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