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Democrats Panic Over Potential Biden Loss as Trump Makes Gains

The Democratic Party is having a Deja vu moment and it’s keeping them awake at night. They have been visited by the ghost of the 2016 election. But try as they might to put that behind them, they are in constant fear of losing. They see Trump drawing huge crowds of energized supporters. Then they see Biden draw less than a dozen people, all of whom could be cast in a Sominex commercial.

The enthusiasm gap has reached Grand Canyon proportions and Joe has to take a time out almost every day. The polls have tightened especially in the swing states. The polling companies will not fudge their numbers this close to the election. They have to think about their reputations.

The other thing that is frightening Democrats is that they expected to dominate the early voting and that would overcome the advantage Republicans have on election day. But they are actually far behind in states like Ohio and Michigan. And they are too close for comfort in many other states like Florida.

“There is a legitimate case for jittery nerves. The national polling averages that show Biden with a double-digit lead obscure a narrower gap in the swing states essential to win a 270-vote Electoral College majority,” the LA Times conceded Friday, adding:

In this final dash of the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden holds a solid lead and his backers are working themselves to exhaustion. Yet Democrats still find that they can’t sleep at night. Their nightmare of 2016 — front-runner Hillary Clinton’s stunning upset by Donald Trump — keeps jolting them awake.

The specter of a repeat seems to be reflected in everything Democrats are doing, from the panicked tone of fundraising pitches to campaign ads that run as often as 65 times a day in key battleground markets.

Here is what some prominent Democrats are saying:

“You know, we all have PTSD from 2016, yes,” Harris declared Sunday, echoing Paul Begala, a longtime advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton and a founder of the Democratic fundraising giant Priorities USA.

“Everybody is anxious,” Begala told the LA Times. “It is not just post-traumatic stress disorder. We have permanent traumatic stress disorder. We will never get over what happened in 2016.”

“At this point, everything worries me,” Karen Finney, a senior Clinton advisor in 2016, added.

On Election night, if things go the way I figure, I will be watching a lot of CNN and MSNBC. I love watching grown Democrats crying.

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