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Democrats’ Own Polling Reveals ‘Stunning Margin’ for Republicans in Midterm Elections: ‘Political Peril’

The first thing you have to realize is that when Democrats do their internal polling, they have a built-in advantage of three to four points, which is why the party is in such a panic. They did some polling to try to figure out where they stand and it turns out that the party isn’t standing. Try as they might, they could find nothing positive in the numbers. That goes especially for the generic vote stat.

According to the internal polling, the Republicans have an eight-point advantage in battleground districts in the generic ballot,  47-39. And that is after their built-in advantage. It points to a total disaster for the Democrats come November. To make matters worse, Republicans are showing up for the primaries in numbers much larger than the Democrats. If this continues during the general election, the Democrats are going to need a lot more white vans dropping off ballots at 3:00 AM.

The Democrats thought they could lessen the damage by rewriting the mapping of the districts to allow Republicans to be competitive in just 3 districts. The courts rejected that map and the new map makes 8 districts competitive. All across the electoral map, more Democratic seats are in danger every day. Thirty Democratic members of the House will not be running for reelection. They are either retiring or running for another office.

They are even having trouble finding quality candidates and are forced to take what they can get, such as Beto O’Rourke and losing an election has killed many a political career, such as Beto O’Rourke.

From The Blaze

Because of the dismal polling, the DCCC has reportedly instructed the Democratic caucus to coalesce around attacking House Republicans as “MAGA Republicans.” This tactic, they believe, will tie all GOP members to former President Donald Trump, theoretically helping them at the ballot box.

In a statement, DCCC spokesman Chris Taylor not only cited the “MAGA” rhetoric, but claimed without evidence that Republicans embrace a white supremacist conspiracy theory. 

Frontline Democrats’ record of delivering for their communities means they head into November ready to defeat extremist MAGA Republicans, who will have to defend their plan to implement a nationwide abortion ban and their embrace of white supremacist ‘great replacement’ theories.

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