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Democrats Mourn Executed Man Who Set Two Youth Ministers On Fire

The electric chair at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville, Tenn., which was chosen by a prisoner last week. Like him, four other inmates have challenged the use of drug executions by opting for other methods.

If the Democrats had half as much compassion for those who have been murdered, like Todd and Stacie Bagley as much as they show to the murderers, this country would be much better off. Case in point. Brandon Bernard, 40,  and another man killed two youth ministers and Bernard set their car on fire in 1999. He was put to death 21 years later and the Democrats say this is why we need to do away with the death penalty.

No one can deny that the death penalty is not a deterrent but they also have to admit that it does do away with repeat offenders. How many times does an inmate serving life without parole kill someone? And why not, they have nothing to lose. Democratic politicians and Hollywood nimrods who were not murdered have set themselves up as the final judges.

Here are the comments coming from the far left:

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted:

“This is absolutely sickening. Brandon Bernard should still be alive. Abolish the death penalty.”

[The victim is dead but it is the murderer who should still be alive]

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote:

“Brandon Bernard should be alive today. We must end all federal executions and abolish the death penalty. In a world of incredible violence, the state should not be involved in premeditated murder.”

[He considers justice as being premeditated murder?]

Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush tweeted:

“Let’s call this what it is: state-sanctioned murder. I’m thinking of Brandon Bernard and his family—the system failed them. We cannot allow this to continue. The Biden-Harris administration should commute the sentence of every single person on federal death row.” 

[Why doesn’t any Democrat insist that the death of the victim be commuted?]

Bernard’s legal team raised a concern that the victims were already dead when he set the car on fire. That may be true but we don’t know that for a fact, but he was an accomplice in the murder even though he may not have pulled the trigger. His lawyers made a last ditch plea to the Supreme Court but they were denied.

Tod Bagley’s mother said, according to CBS:

“Without this process, my family and I would not have the closure needed to move on in life. It has been very difficult to wait 21 years for the sentence that was imposed by the Judge and Jury on those who cruelly participated in the destruction of our children, to be finally completed.”

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