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Democrats In a Bind – Joe Biden Must Get Out of the Basement But Joe Biden Can’t Leave the Basement

The Democratic Party is in a real bind. They are wanting to keep Joe Biden in his basement but they see that is a problem. He seldom appears in person, and when he does, he refuses to take questions. But voters like to see the candidates in person and that increases the chances for a gaffe.

At first, it was a good strategy, but now it is becoming a liability.

Hillary lost in 2016 mostly because she did not campaign enough. And she would cancel campaign events for Hollywood fundraisers.

She never visited Michigan and seldom visited Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Democrats are experiencing deja vu.

Biden’s numbers are falling faster than a lead balloon. So, what should the Democrats do? The only other viable candidate is Bernie Sanders and the DNC worked overtime to defeat him. They had been hoping someone like Mayor Pete or Beto O’Rourke would catch fire but it didn’t happen.

They need to put Biden on the road but his ability to gaffe makes that very risky. Right now, all he has is the mainstream media propping up his candidacy, but that can’t last long. The media just doesn’t have the credibility that they used to have. President Trump packs them in and has an enthusiastic base. That does not bode well for Biden.

For Republicans, Biden is the gift that keeps on giving, If he goes out, he delivers a gaffe. and if he doesn’t go out he looks like he’s hiding. (Either way, it’s a win for the Republicans. To top it off, Biden and the rest of the Democrats refuse to even acknowledge the riots. People are growing tired of them quickly. If they get worse, the Democrats will have to explain why they stayed silent so long.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Democrats pushed their candidate on a strategy of shutdowns due to the coronavirus which helped justify Sleepy Joe hiding in his basement. They claimed the economic destruction of the China coronavirus is Trump’s fault blaming him for the virus deaths.  And finally, they said they can fix these things and President Trump can’t.

But then came their convention and the Hollywood elites put on a horrible show.  The Democrats paraded celebrities and all who came on stage hated the President and they let people know it.  There was no strategy – hate is not a strategy.

Then next move I am expecting from the Biden campaign is the cancellation of the debates. If the debates go on Biden will get his clock cleaned and destroy his chances in the election. He needs to make a move but any move he makes is fraught with danger. He has managed to screw up one sentence that is written in a piece of paper. That’s just sad.

Imagine you were Joe Biden’s keeper, what would you do? No matter what you decide, your candidate is in trouble. I know what I would do but I doubt anyone in the Biden campaign will follow me. I would resign. No one wants to hire you if your campaign is a disaster. Just ask Steve Schmidt. He totally destroyed John McCain’s chances.

It will be interesting to see what direction Joe Biden’s campaign makes. But we do know that whatever they do will be wrong. Personally, I believe he needs to come out into the open. I also believe if he does, he will be toast. Joe Biden should have never have announced that he was running for president. He just is not up to the task. Wherever he is, President Donald Trump must be laughing.

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