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Democrats Have Lost Control of Cities By Allowing Violent Radicals To Take Them Over

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Another weekend of mayhem, chaos, and violence in President Joe Biden’s America is now in the history books. ANTIFA (which really stands for Anti-First-Amendment) that Joe Biden has supported by saying it’s not a real thing but just an idea, along with Black Lives Matter the anti-American Marxist group, both continue to unleash mayhem on America. Not only has the Biden administration done nothing about it, but they de facto support it by claiming it’s every American’s right to protest even though they’re violent rioters.

A so-called peaceful protest where anti-cop protesters were beating a paper mache pinata when they were done marching in the streets turned violent later in the day.


While Fake News networks sing the same lines as the Biden administration conflating rioters with peaceful protesters sans any talk about the rioters, violence broke out at this “mostly” peaceful event.

Once ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter got involved, the scene went downhill quickly. Police entered the park having bottles and other objects thrown at them, some were hit with pepper spray. It just reminds you that Joe Biden and the rest of the usual suspects on the Left always told us the riots were happening because of Trump and systemic racism, never once admitting that these are violent Marxists and anarchists attacking our neighborhoods throughout Democrat-run cities.


Isn’t it very telling that these cretins do not do this in red cities? They know that the authorities there would never put up with their bullschtein, so they don’t show up. You would think that Democrats would see that Republican-run cities have things under control and they would emulate whatever it is that the peaceful cities do. But they don’t want peace. They want the chaos because amid chaos you can demoralize your people into accepting Marxism. So they let the mayhem continue.

In Minneapolis Black Lives Matter protests devolved into arson, looting, and riots.


ANTIFA descended upon an event in Sacramento to honor the memory of Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed and non-threatening female Air Force veteran who was murdered by a Capitol police officer during the January 6 riot. ANTIFA did their usual best to interrupt the event and cause havoc. Unlike the “peaceful protests” by leftists, this event by all accounts was peaceful, that is until ANTIFA arrived. They started their nonsense and then fighting began.

Citizen journalist Andy Ngo captured some of the event.


The Biden administration doesn’t seem to have a problem with these types of assaults. The Biden DOJ is too busy trying to find all the Qanon white supremacists they’re always telling us about. I think the entire lot of them could fill two school buses yet the clowns running the Executive branch say that white supremacists are the greatest threat to our republic. It’s funny how we don’t see videos of white supremacists attacking innocent people on the streets of cities where riots and protests are taking place. You would think videos of those kinds of attacks would be all over the Internet, but oddly enough there are none.

The Democrats worked hard all last summer to see that the nightly riots and protests across the country continued unabated. They were using the chaos to come up with schemes to take away your rights and to create laws that you make them the majority party forever. Democrats have been using the January 6 riot to take away rights, and they have been using the narrative that the summer riots were righteous because it was to stop racist cops, but I think they let it go on too long.

The Democrats have lost the cities. From allowing the riots to destroy much of their cities to defunding the police and throwing cops under the bus, crime has skyrocketed in most of the cities that allowed the riots to endure. They either don’t know how or they don’t have the will to stop the violence.

Former President Donald Trump made some comments about this at the recent North Carolina Convention, reminding people that he’s not the one who has tried to undermine democracy in our republic, rather, he’s been trying to save it.


The Democratic Party is now with very few exceptions a full-blown progressive Marxist party and as all progressives, they now share the same goal which is to destroy the American system and replace it with a utopian heaven on earth. They are responsible for the mayhem, the violence, and the crumbling of our republic, and we have to wonder what they will do when in the end they come to terms with the fact that utopia doesn’t exist.

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