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Democrats Caught, Left Exposed: What is Really Going on With Intel Briefings to Trump and Biden Campaigns

Democrats are up in arms and making a huge public spectacle to discredit the administration of President Donald J. Trump over the announcement that Director of National Intelligence (DNI), John Radcliffe will make a change in a procedure before the Nov General election, and apparently provide intel briefings to both the Republican and Democrat campaigns in writing and not in person.

“It all goes back to an Intel briefing on July 31st,” Maria Bartiromo teased out Sunday morning moments before her anticipated interview.

An interview of Ratcliff was promoted for Sunday morning, many people expected the purpose was to explain details of the announcement, but the media and Democrat leadership couldn’t wait to discredit Trump on the talk shows and on social media all afternoon and evening Saturday.

In fact the interview of Ratcliffe had been promoted before well before the announcement, altering people to just wait a little bit for the story:

An ODNI official said Saturday the move to providing “primarily” written briefings is “in the interest of clarity and protecting sensitive intelligence from unauthorized disclosures,” which ODNI said occurred “following recent briefings to Congress.”

CBS News reported it wasn’t exactly clear as of Saturday evening, by posting, “This official would not confirm whether political campaigns would continue to receive in-person updates from ODNI, and was not aware of any discussion of virtual updates. ODNI referred to DOJ and FBI to confirm whether their briefings would continue to be delivered in person.”

However, unable to wait for details, there was immediate, rage-filled responses from Democrat leaders US House member Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, alarming the Democrat machine and their media allies that this would be a story to keep abreast of for possible demands and cries of injustice.

ZeroHedge covered the outburst:

Trump had trolled them earlier in the day at an event talking about Hurricane Laura, and he had talked about the leaks from classified information when reacting to Ratcliffe’s announcement.

The left and their Democrat/Media/ Tech allies were able to get a Hash Tag going “Do Something” quickly after the announcements.

Twitter promoted a story that read,”According to CNN and CBS, the ODNI informed congressional intelligence committees that it will cease to provide in-person briefings on foreign interference with the 2020 elections that were originally proposed for mid-September,. Instead, it will now provide briefings in writing.”


Here is the story behind the announcement from Maria Bartiromo Show Sunday:

“Radcliffe was one of only two GOP leaders who saw all underacted documents in the investigations of Russian collisions,” Bartiromo said.

Ratcliffe said, “I gave a briefing to all of Congress about Russia and China and then we saw headlines the next day based on what I said, but twisted. I was doing more than asked and briefed everyone.”

“When I went thru confirmation I said I was going to always follow the law and do everything to protect the information, and the action I took, with limiting briefings, was consistent with that.

“I will inform congress, but we are not going to do a repeat of what has happened before, I did more to brief all congress than others, and all I asked them was to keep it quiet- and a number of congress members went directly to a number of press outlets to leak what I said- and it was untrue what they said- China is more of a threat than Russia, but those members of congress were trying to keep their narrative going,” he said.

“So I am going to keep my promise,”he said.

Bartiromo said, ” we had 126 leaks in 126 days.

“I see more intel than the president, and I see it every day- I am saying China is our greatest danger- day in and day out China is greater, anyone saying anything other than that is politicizing for their own narrative,” Ratcliffe said.

“China is the biggest threat to American superiority, and they are supporting Biden because the President has been tough of China, Ratcliffe said.

“We will do what is required by law and those members who are legally entitled to be briefed, will get them, what we wont do is all members of house and senate. We tried that adt the info was not protected. We will do what we did before, Congress will be fully briefed by law, we will do what we are suppose to do, and we are going to protect info from being leaked. I wont stand for it anymore,” Ratcliffe said.

“There are crimes reports and there are investigations into leaks”, Ratcliffe said. “This is one of the things that is very serious. We intend to go after people who leak.”

So in other words, the left exposed themselves for being leakers. That is what happened.

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