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Democrats and Teacher’s Unions Fight to Keep Parents From Finding Out What Their Kids Are Being Taught

Is there an indoctrination in the house? Maybe not, but there certainly is in the schools of this country. Teachers and Democrats fight tooth and nail to deprive parents of the right to see and comment on what they are teaching the kids in this country. They know that if they can get them trained from kindergarten, they will have most of them for life. Which is all the more reason that parents must demand to be involved in their children’s education.

Every classroom should be outfitted with cameras that are live streamed on the internet. We keep hearing from teachers and the far-left Democrats that Critical Race Theory is a non-issue because it is not taught anywhere in this country. If that were true, why do they have a cow anytime a state bans it from their schools? What if a state would pass a law that no T-Rexes can attend a public school.

No one would object because there are no T-Rexes still alive. So, why would they object to banning the teaching of CRT if it is not taught anyway? That’s because it is taught.  No school should be teaching kids to hate people with different skin pigments.

Democrats constantly tell us that they attack slavery, even though it ended in this country almost 157 years ago, but those same Democrats defend China that uses slave labor today. The Chinese provide too much money to Democrats today and to RINOs as well. The Bidens, Dianne Feinstein, Mitch McConnell, and Eric Swalwell to just name a few.

From PJ Media

Fox News:

A Missouri bill sponsored by Republican state Rep. Doug Richey would do just that, but Democrats say curriculum transparency bills would only further embolden parents to censor certain materials and training, like those pertaining to critical race theory (CRT) – a framework that involves deconstructing aspects of society to discover systemic racism beneath the surface.

Richey’s bill, dubbed the Parents’ Bill of Rights, would also require schools to allow parents receive notifications whenever a teacher intends to teach a “divisive or controversial topic” that may conflict with a “parent’s belief that all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, or ancestry, should be treated equally.”

“Parents have a fundamental right, responsibility and authority when it comes to their children,” Richey said to committee members Tuesday, FOX 2 reported.

What’s required in this situation is cooperation, not combat. If teachers want to teach using a political agenda as a template, they should go somewhere where that sort of teaching is tolerated. But most parents don’t want their children brainwashed by either the right or the left. They want the people teaching their children not to engage in propaganda for the sake of advancing a political party or candidate.

The simple fact is, the parents don’t trust many teachers or their unions or the school boards that approve the curriculum. Until that trust is somehow reestablished, addressing the issue intelligently won’t be possible.

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