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Democrat Sheriff On AZ Board Of Supervisors Who Are Attacking Audit Got Big Soros Money

The Democrat/RINO/Mainstream media axis insists that the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, who are attempting to overthrow a duly ordered and lawful hand audit of the 2020 Presidential election in Arizona, is a group of Republicans. That is an outright lie, and it upsets the narrative of the left when the truth is known.

Soros kicked in $2M to elect Maricopa County sheriff now stonewalling election audit,
Sheriff Paul Penzone objects to sharing data with a “private uncertified hacking company based on a hunch,” despite the court order,” Grep Piper wrote for Just The News.

“More than four years before Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone used his law enforcement credibility to resist subpoenas in the Arizona Senate audit of the county’s general election, he was running for the office he now holds.

Crucial to the Democrat’s victory over incumbent Republican Joe Arpaio: $2 million from progressive megadonor George Soros.

It was the largest single donation Soros made in a local race in the 2016 election cycle, according to a Politico report at the time. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, kicked in another $250,000 to the pro-Penzone effort,” Piper wrote.


The Washington Post knowingly is lying and covering up the fact that the Board of Supervisors in Arizona is being led by a Democrat, one that known leftists like Soros, Gates and Jobs are funding.

On Tuesday, the same board of supervisors, who are threatening the auditors in Arizona, refused to participate in the State Senate hearing on the irregularities of the 2020 Presidential election.

In the hearing, the technical experts who were conducting the audit talked about the questions they had over curious and suspicious facts about the tabulations of ballots in the election, and the board of supervisors was simply to refuse to answer and to pretend they were being victimized.

I covered that hearing:

AZ Supervisors Temper Tantrum Is Meaningless, Audit Will Continue

George Soros is known around the world for disrupting governments, and in the United States, he is a sweetheart of the left, for funding the furthest left movements he can find.  Ones whose purpose is to go around the American voter and bring down the most drastic Marxist-Communist guerilla war tactics.

Soros has been directly targeting American politics for decades. In this final stage of the Marxist-Communist Revolution on America, Soros is completely out of the shadows, where he operated for so many years.

Penzone’s reaction is simply that he is above politics, and therefore he is not going to normalize a duly ordered audit.

Contempt hearing sought against Joe Arpaio’s successor, Sheriff Paul Penzone

Penzone has a history of taking that approach, ABC News reported mid March 2021:

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone came into office promising to undo the problems created by his predecessor, Joe Arpaio.

But Penzone now faces calls for a contempt hearing in the same profiling lawsuit.

Civil rights lawyers asked a judge Wednesday to hold a contempt hearing for Penzone for not complying with a court-ordered overhaul of his internal affairs operation.

The agency has a backlog of 2,000 internal cases, each taking an average of 500 days to complete. Penzone’s office declined to comment.

The contempt request comes just a day after Penzone called a press conference to outline why he helped kill a reform bill that would require law enforcement departments to turn over deadly police encounters to an outside agency for investigation.

The main reason is based on a key belief: Penzone doesn’t think lawmakers have the right to tell law enforcement officials what to do.

In other words, George Soros and his pals, Gates and Jobs bought a lawmaker who refuses to acknowledge the will of the American people.

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