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Democrat Senators Demand Biden Overthrow the Supreme Court


Joe Biden has received letters from more than thirty Democratic senators pleading with him to disregard the Supreme Court and permit abortions in every state in the Union. That would essentially be a constitutional crisis and an attempt to topple the Supreme Court. The three branches of government established by the constitution are each equal and have distinct responsibilities.

If this were to happen, we no longer have our country and it becomes our duty to bring it back. When the federal government does not honor our own federal government, we have a major crisis.

The legislative branch creates the nation’s laws, but only for those matters that are delegated to the federal government; all other matters are up to the individual states. These laws are interpreted by the judicial branch, which also determines whether they are constitutional. The laws that are considered constitutional are put into effect by the Executive branch. The president, or in this case, the resident, does not have the authority to enact laws because our country is not a monarchy. But if Biden did what the Democratic Senators want him to do, that is what would occur.

And should that occur, Biden would then be able to amend any legislation that his handlers would let him. A constitutional crisis would arise at this point. It could be argued that the Supreme Court cannot hear the case due to a conflict of interest if their decision in Roe v. Wade is overturned by a presidential decree. Although it wouldn’t be the case, the Democrats would still make this argument.

Given that they only have seven months to take action, the Democrats are becoming more and more frantic. They can only maintain the legality of baby murder by passing legislation that incorporates it into US law. The filibuster would stop that, though, as they would never receive 60 votes in the Senate and would lose their majority in the House by the end of the next year.

Let’s go on to the next phase. Biden would have broken the law and committed a felony if he had attempted to overturn the Supreme Court. He will undoubtedly be impeached by the House, but will the Democrats take a gamble and stop it in the Senate? Would they want to attempt at all? They might conclude that the 25th Amendment would be a better course of action, and we are all aware of the Democrats’ ability to intimidate people into supporting them. Biden would be used as their sacrificial lamb, which is a terrible thing to do to someone with mental illness.

My friends, this is exactly why we are supposed to have checks and balances. The judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government are to be separate. Sadly, we have the executive and legislative working together and they’re now trying to seize control over the Supreme Court as well. When the government stops being about the law and becomes a matter of solely what one party wants, you no longer have democracy, and you no longer have our republic.

This is also why Democrats shouldn’t be in charge. If every time they don’t get their way they are going to try and do something stupid, then we need to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that we need to quit voting for them. I know that most of you reading this don’t vote Democrat anyway (thank God), but there may be some out there who still do.

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