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Democrat DC Mayor Bowser Wants Biden Regime to Stop Illegal Aliens From Being Bussed Into DC (VIDEO)

Muriel Bowser suddenly doesn’t like illegal aliens as much when she has to deal with them.

What a hypocrite. Democrats are more than happy to see millions of illegal aliens cross into the United States since most of them enter into red states. Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is one of them. That is, until now.

Texas began busing the illegal aliens into the nation’s capital and suddenly Bowser is opposed to them. She is now telling Biden, she wants these buses stopped. Funny, how that works, right?

Bowser is complaining because the illegal aliens are using up the services that residents of DC would normally get. As if they don’t do the same in Arizona and Texas. Perhaps the Big Guy should dip into his 10% to help Bowser out. But, Joe’s pockets are one-way streets. He reminds me of a buddy of mine, George. When the check comes, he is the first one to put his hand in his pocket. And the last one to take it out.

Governor Abbott of Texas explained his busing plan:

“To help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden administration, Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the Biden administration to Washington, DC.” 

“We are sending them to the United States Capitol, where the Biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

Earlier this year Texas began dispatching buses to the southern border to transport the illegal immigrants to Washington D.C.

Governor Greg Abbott announced during his press conference in April that his state will begin to use charter buses to ship illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C., as part of his strategy for the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants.

Democrat Bowser is angry that hordes of illegals are overwhelming the homeless shelters in DC and she wants the federal government to intervene.

“I fear that they’re being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the United States of America,” Bowser said Sunday on Face the Nation.

Steven Ahle
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