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Democrat Clark County Commissioner Accused of Passing Ordinance to Harm Republican Midterm Rival

Scandal scarred Clark County Commissioner, Justin Jones, the Democrat from Nevada, who has been accused of bribing Democratic Gov Steve Sisolek in a quid pro quo deal, has now passed an ordinance meant to hurt his Republican rival in the upcoming election. Jones also destroyed electronic records which were evidence. Absolute power corrupts and Democratic power corrupts absolutely.

Jones and the other Democrat commissioners passed a new ordinance to fire Republican Jenna Waltho, the only woman running against Jones. What a stroke of luck, that the commissioners decided to fire her just at this moment. Who are we kidding? This is Clark County, the home of the late Harry Reid. Nothing crooked happens here by accident. The reason Democrats have ruled the county for so long is the fact that they stick together. The Democrats are afraid of her. She’s too good.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal outlined the situation, and the Commissioners attempted to pay lip service that the firing was something that was necessary for the good of the county, but in truth 9t was done for the good of the County Commissioners.

The County Commissioners are made up of seven members. Four of those members are ultra-leftists. They will get their way, no matter what. But, the other three have no choice but to go along with anything they propose. Because if they don’t, they can’t get any projects in their own districts completed.

From The Gateway Pundit

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, according to a recent court filing, Jones conspired with the governor prior to both of them taking office to harm a private company, Gypsum Resources, in exchange for a lawsuit being dropped against the county.

Many legal experts feel Clark County is on the brink of losing the litigation, and therefore being responsible to pay the Plaintiff Gypsum Resources, LLC over a billion dollars in damages due to Jones’ led commission and his reckless behavior. Jones has admitted no wrongdoing, but Jones does acknowledge a judgment could bankrupt the entire County government, “This latest legal filing is just more of the same vindictive personal attacks designed to bolster its efforts to bankrupt the county”, Jones said. 

During his campaign in 2018 for a County Commission seat Jones was also representing an environmental group named “Save Red Rock” which involved a 2016 lawsuit with Clark County and famed Las Vegas real estate developer Jim Rhodes’ entity Gypsum Resources, LLC. Clark County had taken the bizarre step of initiating a lawsuit against both Gypsum Resources and Save Red Rock to have a judge settle a dispute between Gypsum Resources, who sought for many years to begin development of 15,000 homes atop 2,500 acres of mountain overlooking Las Vegas and Save Red Rock who sought to halt or hinder the progress of the development.

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