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California Politics

Democrat Candidate Runs On Refunding Police And Cleaning Up Homeless Camps

 Homeless encampments in Los Angles, California could possibly be coming to an end after a petition led by City Councilmember Joe Buscaino, a former police officer, was approved on March 3rd.

“The Safer Streets LA measure—which also aims to increase temporary housing in the city—can now be circulated for signatures until July, the Epoch Times reported on Friday.

Remember, the focus of the intervention would be to build more government homeless shelters in the area, something the taxpayers may want to pay attention to and something progressives do not appreciate.

Buscaino, a Democrat, is running for Mayor of Los Angles in 2022 on a pro-police platform.

Buscaino and “Safer Streets LA” organizers need about 65,000 signatures to request the city council pass the measure in an ordinance. If the council does not adopt the measure, it will appear on the ballot in the upcoming November 2022 city elections.

Buscaino has served on the Los Angeles City Council as the representative of the 15th district since 2012. From 2020 to 2021, Buscaino served as President pro tempore of the council.

If his measure is approved, it will give the mayor the power to declare a local homelessness emergency, allowing the city to “cut-through red tape” to build more shelters.

“Creating enough transitional housing will be the fastest way toward helping those who need it most and returning order to our neighborhoods across Los Angeles,” Buscaino said in a statement. reported on Buscaino’s high-cost campaign:

The District 15 councilman, who launched his mayoral campaign in March, held a short press conference in downtown to unveil his first ad. It’s called “Clean Streets,” is filled with images of sprawling, trash-laden tent encampments, and showcases his effort to grab the public-safety-first platform before a competitor claims it.

The San Pedro-based Buscaino plans to drop a wagon-load of cash.

“This early, unprecedented six-figure investment nearly a year before election day is unheard of in the race for mayor of Los Angeles,” he said, a statement which was also true, because right now almost no one is paying attention to the political happenings of June 2022.

Unfortunately, winning his race to fight homelessness and build new homeless shelters- is not an inexpensive endeavor.

Buscaino’s agenda is in conflict with progressives in Los Angeles. The “left-wing”  Democrats ranks have persistently fought over homelessness claiming that it is unfair to target ‘unhoused individuals’ when there is such a major lack of affordable housing.

In May of last year, political conflicts exploded as a homeless tent encampment in Echo Park Lake was shut down by the city.  Progressives have an organized, anti-police constituency that is active on social media and influential on voters.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Louise

    March 9, 2022 at 7:12 am

    deomrats don’t clean up messes – they relocate them. They will return them when needed
    they have had enough money in their hands 100 times over and could have housed and trade trained every homeless person by now – so why have they not already done this?

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