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Democrat Bill Would Make One-Party Rule by Having Federal Government Take Over State Elections

The Democrats know that most Americans don’t buy their story that 2020 was a free and fair election.  Even many Democrats who are happy that it worked out in their favor, will never admit it, but they know that the election was stolen.

And now they are taking steps to make sure that the Democratic Party never loses another election ever again.  Folks, these people are the real deal. They are pure socialists in nature, vicious as any throughout history, they are the Woke Supremacy come to destroy our nation because in their minds they think they’re going to create a utopian heaven on earth.

In the new Congressional session for the House of Representatives, the Democrats proposed a bill, HR-1, which stands for House Resolution #1, or the very first bill presented in the new Congress, a bill that will create a Communist Chinese style one-party rule in the United States of America.

The Democrats are using the Capitol riot from January 6 in order to criminalize any disagreement with the Woke Supremacy and to eradicate conservative voices from the public arena while at the same time they are going to rewrite government laws that come straight from the Constitution on how our elections are run and it’s all in designed to keep them in power forever.

If HR-1 gets passed and signed into law, the Republicans will never win a majority in either house of Congress and no Republican would ever win the White House ever again.  As in never again.

HR-1 is so sinister it makes you wonder how many of the very same members of Congress you thought were decent people who loved America and were just misguided fools on the Left have done a complete 180 turn civil rights, the rule of law, fairness, and common decency.

The Constitution gives the power of creating election laws solely to state legislatures.  Remember during and after the 2020 election when President Trump and Republicans complained about secretaries of state and Democrat-controlled courts changing election laws to favor the Democrats?  Well, hold onto your hats, because it gets a lot worse.

The Democrats want to change the rules to make it so that the federal government takes over election rulemaking in all fifty states.  And the way they would get red states to comply is by threatening to withhold federal election funds from those states until they comply.   Most states rely on federal funding to run their elections.  The Democrats did this all throughout the forty-year span that they controlled the Congress from 1954 to 1994.   They would throw unfunded mandates at the states and then they would threaten to withhold funds for things like highway funds and other programs if the states didn’t comply with the unfunded mandates they were forcing the states to follow, at their own expense.  It’s called evil, folks.

I have a solution that could be worked out by states who are serious about wanting to retain their sovereignty.  Stop sending our tax dollars to the federal government until they stop their tyranny.  A state has the right to tell businesses in their jurisdictions to stop taking out federal taxes from citizen workers of their state and sending it to the federal government.  It never made sense to me in the first place that the states collect money for the federal government, then send it to the federal government, that money gets shifted around by federal bureaucrats who are being paid with some of the same money that they are shifting around until they’re done shifting it around.  They then send it back to the states but there are always strings attached to what they give back.   In other words, the Democrats love to take your money then dangle it in front of you and tell you that you gotta do something in order to get your own money back.  Again, it’s called evil, folks

Then, just to go over the Cliff of Tyranny, HR-1 states that Congress will have “ultimate supervisory power over Federal elections” which means that the very same party that rigged the 2020 election will be in charge of supervising federal elections from now on, something that no Founding Father ever uttered, and not a single line exists in the Federalist papers arguing for it.  We know for a fact that the Founders argued for the states to be in charge of election laws, the legislatures specifically.

Though this may have happened in the past it never became so publicly knowledgeable until the 2020 election that we had private interests or multi-millionaire and billionaire types who funded city and state governments to help only the Democrats in the election.  For example, Mark Zuckerberg dumped an estimated $419 million into an election scheme that ensured Joe Biden would win in those cities and states which all happened to be Democrat-controlled.

HR-1 would legalize some of the very practices that are currently illegal in most states, things that created all kinds of irregularities in the 2020 election.  Practices like ballot harvesting, changing election laws without going through state legislatures, allowing voters to print their own ballots from home (gee, what could go wrong here?), mail-in voting without the excuse of COVID-19, early voting, and all the other gourmet types of voting that only a Democrat thief could think of.  This bill would even get rid of state voter ID laws, laws that make signature verification mandatory, and any and every other type of ballot security plan.  The Woke Supremacy’s goal is to centralize elections to the federal government, which has been a dream of Democrat despots for decades.

HR-1 legalizes election fraud in the favor of Democrats.  It goes so far as to make it so that election count observers will no longer be able to challenge a ballot for accuracy without written documentation, which they know will make it impossible to do without taking time away from their duties to observe the vote counting.

You would think that after all of the complaints of the 2020 elections, the irregularities, the fraud revealed in testimony by witnesses at state legislature hearings, the cause of the Capitol riot itself brought on by the dirty nature of Democrats thieves who stole the presidential election from Donald Trump, you would think these clowns would come up with election laws that would restore public confidence and faith in our elections. There is absolutely nothing of the sort in HR-1.  These “reforms” will do nothing but create a one-party rule.

The only hope of maintaining our republic is that there are enough Republicans and principled Democrats who still love the country enough to stand up against this assault on American freedom, on individual freedoms, and on the sacred right to vote for who you want to represent you.

The Democrats have made a cottage industry out of complaining about what they call voter suppression.  HR-1 is the most wide-sweeping voter suppression scheme I have ever seen in my lifetime.  Folks, you need to call your representatives, state and federal and demand that they vote against HR-1.  Read the bill here.

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