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Democrat and RINO Senators Agree on Nine-Point Gun Control Plan

Here we go…

Each time America experiences a tragic mass shooting, everyone says something must be done. Rarely, if ever, does anything get accomplished. Immediately, the radical left begins to exert pressure on steps to obliterate the Second Amendment.

It’s a rhetorical stance that erects roadblocks in the path of sensible gun legislation. However, after a shooting in Buffalo, New York, followed by further devastation in Uvalde, Texas, there may actually be hope.

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators announced a nine-point agreement on Sunday. The agreement is viewed as a tremendous step forward. Most see the nine-point plan as a pathway to creating a better level of gun responsibility in the United States.

Most, from both sides of the political spectrum, strongly agree that something must be done. The 20 senators, evenly split between parties, called for passing a nine-point plan. This 10/10 split is critical. There must be 10 Republican Senators on board to pass the 60 vote threshold.

The proposal would begin by raising the legal age to purchase an AR-15-style rifle. While wrongly demonized by the left for years, it is the weapon used in the two most recent massacres. Other points in the plan were praised across the aisle.

Billions of federal funds would be provided for enhanced mental health services for children and families. Red flag laws would be established to help keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. Varying degrees of red flag laws have frequently been a point of contention.

Nevertheless, a combination of these two points might have prevented both recent shootings. There would also be specific funds for improved mental health services in our schools. Additional funds would be directed to help better secure our schools against such attacks.

The background check process for all gun purchases by adults under the age of 21 would be strengthened. The plan would include domestic violence restraining orders in the national instant criminal background check system.

The plan clears up any ambiguity in the definition of a federally licensed firearm dealer. One of the nine-points would increase the level of compliance for high volume gun dealers. There will also be increased penalties for anyone who illegally purchases and/or traffics in firearms.

Gun control activists voiced positive sentiments towards the agreement. The student-led movement to help curb gun violence, March for Our Lives, said it supports the proposed reforms. However, the group’s co-founder still held to a more rigid ideology.

David Hogg, who survived the 2018 Parkland school shooting, said, “In a less broken society, we would be able to require background checks every single time someone wants to buy a gun, and we would ban assault rifles outright.”

Nevertheless, the group was pleased with what it viewed as progress. Former US Rep. Gabby Giffords envisions the legislation as “a lifesaving step forward.” The nine-point gun law proposal is a welcome sense of cooperation where cooperation has not been the norm.

Nancy Pelosi rammed a half-baked piece of token legislation through the U.S. House. It had no chance of being approved by the Senate. However, this new proposal has bipartisan support. It is an example of what can be done when reason takes over for politically blinded passion.

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