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Dem Staffer Reveals Congress’s Not So Well-Kept Secret

The majority of people in the working class imagine themselves retiring at a young age, free from the demands of employment, and able to pursue their interests. In reality, they likely don’t want to reach retirement age, they just want to retire.

The majority of us, in my opinion, would prefer to retire before we reach our 60s, but some people don’t even think about it. I can understand that if you’re truly happy and passionate about what you’re doing, but what about running for office in Congress?

Even though he is 75 years old, Representative Jerry Nadler is not the oldest member of the House of Representatives. Term restrictions and some kind of age restriction for serving in Congress are obviously needed. Why wouldn’t we restrict the terms of Senators and House members if we restrain the President himself? They have just as much power as the President, therefore it is cruel and unusual punishment for someone like Nancy Pelosi to hold our nation hostage for so many years.

But there is apparently a secret in Congress that has been kept hush-hush. Well, I guess you could call it a secret. I think it’s pretty obvious already.

Rep. Nadler has a habit of falling asleep during meetings. According to an aide who was present during a planning session with House Democratic committee chairs earlier this year via Zoom, Nadler dozed off during one point. He wasn’t awakened; the conversation just went on without him.

The staffer said, “It’s just a known thing.”

One House Democrat said, “I don’t think it’s like Dianne Feinstein,” referring to the 89-year-old Democratic senator from California, whose cognitive decline is well-known, according to the report. However, “You can just tell he’s not … as engaged with others.”


But these are the people who Democrats keep choosing to run this country. Shame on them.

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